What next, my choices are.....

What next, my choices are.....

This is a discussion on What next, my choices are..... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well my EDC right now is a G30 which I love. I am thinking of adding another to my collection and here are my choices. ...

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Thread: What next, my choices are.....

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    What next, my choices are.....

    Well my EDC right now is a G30 which I love. I am thinking of adding another to my collection and here are my choices. I am considering the G36 (love the way it feels), M&P .45 compact, XD .45 compact, and although I am a big fan of .45's I have considered the G27, G23 and sub-compact .40XD . I am not that familar with the M&P'S and have only shot the XD once, So you guys that have'em tell me what you think about them. I carry IWB 90% of the time if this helps, and I am very used to the Glocks. Any responses are appreciated. Thanks

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    Well the G36 makes sense since you already have a .45 and a slimmer one will be nice for IWB. With that being said, I'd try another caliber and size. Go with a G33 where you can shoot .357SIG, .40 and 9mm if needed. That plus the fact that it's very easy to carry and conceal gives it my vote. OK, I have one too so that's another reason.

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    I also have a 30(sf). Makes a nice companion to my 27. Also have a G22 but it sees seldom (if ever) use. My vote, or recommendation is the G27 (with the extended mag floor plate, not extended grip).
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    I have the Glock-36 (and two Kimbers), I love the grip and easy concealment of the G-36...it would be an excellent choice.
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    My primary carry guns are the XD .45 Compact (winter) and Glock 27 (summer).

    I looked at the S&W M&P's, but just can't get past the hinged trigger. The XD and Glock triggers are so similar that I have no issues transitioning between the two.
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    The Glock 36 is the only pistol in their line-up that I am really interested in, I'd take it over an XD or M&P. I'd stick with the .45 too, but thats just me.
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    I would go to my local gun store and check out the guns side by side, if not find a buddy or a range that had them where you can rent them. I'm a big M&P fan myself (I've got 2x). The ergos are great and they have been extremely reliable.

    That being said, the XD is a nice gun. I had a rental once that I wasn't pleased with, but I blame the range for not taking care of it properly. I'm sure with a little TLC the gun would have been perfect.

    My two cents, put each in your hand and fire it before you drop the cash...

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    I'd check out the Polls that were recently conducted here on DC. Looked like the XDs did really well (so did the Glocks and others) but there was quite a lot of praise for the XD - and yes, I was in that choir, too. Great gun with some really nice features.
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    Czech out the CZ 75 P-01. It is available in both 9mm and .40. Solid as a rock.

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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If the Glocks have been good to you and you're comfortable with them, stay with them. However, if you think it's time for something different then by all means see what's out there.

    Saw something recently on Lock N' Load with R. Lee Ermey that may change my mind on Glocks (and other polymers) from now on. He had the Championship Glock shooter (yes, the female) on with the G18. There was so much frame flexation upon discharge (before the slide began to move) that I'm leaning towards avoiding polymer pistols now.

    Even though there's an XD9SC, M&P9C, and G23 in the collection, that slow-motion video just confirms how issue with the G23 frame flexation and mounted tac lights causing malfunctions might come about.

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    Given what you offered as your opinion of the G36, I'd say go with it!
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    Everybody has their opinions but the bottom line is there is very little difference between the big three in polymer framed guns: Glock, XD and M&P as far as reliability and functioning. I have shot all three extensively and it just comes down to indivisual preference and feel. Some love Glock others cannot stand the grip angle so again its YOUR individual preferences that matters. If you like really like Glocks I would stick with what you know but if you only have shot Glocks you really need to get some range time with other handguns. I have a lot of respect for Glocks but they are just not for me. I have tried to like them but I like handguns that point naturally the way JMB intended and the Glock does not for me anyway.
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    I'd recommend the G36...
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    G36 makes sense to me since you have the G30 already.

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    I'm warning you...if your hand is like my hand, as soon as you shoot a few rounds through an M&P 45 compact, you'll ditch the G30.
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