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Want a 1911??

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Thread: Want a 1911??

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    not all 1911s are mil spec 1911s

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    I've got a Taurus PT1911AR, no complaints here (other than the lack of available holsters for the railed version)
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    Count another vote for a Springfield Mil Spec. I could not be happier with mine. You can still find them used in good condition for under $500 if you look around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rmeron View Post
    I want to get a 1911 but money is tight,I'm looking at $600.00 or less,I want it to be mil-spec.
    Any suggestions?
    Gotta love the rock island models, dang fine guns for the price. Even better if you can find one is the doublestar 1911's have seen them on buds every so often.

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    I have two SAs. A 5” and a 4”. They started off as GIs but have been considerably upgraded. When I bought them a few years ago they were less than $500 and out of the box they never had an FTF and ate any ammo I fed them. I highly recommend them as a great place to start with any 1911, but beware, after the bug bites you will have them looking like a Loaded Springer before your through.

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    +1 Deadshot
    My SA Mill Spec is at the smith now having some "things" done to it.
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    I have a SA 1911-A1 Stainless,it eats everything like a swarm of locusts,put a set of rubber hogue grips on it and it shoots great,really need to put some VZ grips on it fer carry
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    SA Mil-Spec without a doubt. Mines 20 years old and still shooting straight and strong. The Taurus has alot of features for the money but are not a well built 1911 IMO. On the other hand that Springer is built like a tank. Stay with the 5" barrel, change out the recoil, mag and firing pin springs on your B-day and it won't give you any problems like the chopped 1911's have a habit of doing.

    Heres my 20 YO Standard with a few mods that I've added over the years. The Wilson drop In beavertail safety and trigger are the 2 best mods for the money. I like the Ed Brown ambi safety as it's low profile and you NEVER know when you might need your weak arm for firing. Eats anything I feed it!

    Also included a link to one for a really good price. Is personally buy the stainless model. Mark is a great guy to deal with!

    Summit Guns 1911 Mil-Spec

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    For a "new" 1911 in that price range, a Springer GI/Mil-Spec wouldn't be a bad choice at all, but I'd probably go used and buy a Colt.
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    How about the Para Ordnance GI I've seen them, for around your budget.
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    Another Springfield fan here. That's as fine of an entry-level 1911 as there is. I have heard & read positive reports on the Taurus 1911, but past rotten experience(s) with Taurus Warranty / Customer Service have biased my general attitude toward all their products. Wish it were otherwise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by varob View Post
    Springfield Mil Spec 1911A1
    +1. Hopefully you can find a nice older Milspec in excellent condition.

    I found a near 25 year old Milspec (unfired) that had been in a safe nearly its entire life. Paid $650 OTD. Mirror black finish and all original. Verified everything with Springfield.

    Even ran across someone that found one still in the case that was identical to mine in finish and age. Found it in Florida...unfired as well. He asked if $500 was fair and I suggested that he either buy it or provide me the info on where it was so I could.

    There's a bunch of them on gb, prices look good.

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    I just sold a perfect condition (nicely broken in and run through a few IDPA matches) Kimber Custom II with a magwell and ambi-safety for $600. I think his dealer charged $25 for the transfer.

    That would be the route I'd go instead of a cheaper new model. Good luck!
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