What's Your Next Purchase Carry Gun

This is a discussion on What's Your Next Purchase Carry Gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You know, Rocky at Pure Kustom told me alittle about the FNP45. He has one and loves it. So I started looking. I have held ...

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Thread: What's Your Next Purchase Carry Gun

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    You know, Rocky at Pure Kustom told me alittle about the FNP45. He has one and loves it. So I started looking. I have held the 45 and fired the 40. It fits my had a little differently than my XDm, but I think I really like it! If I decide not to get the FNP45, then I will probably go with H&K USP 45 (possibly a tactical version if price is right)

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    Glock G26 for the wife to carry.

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    Next possibility?
    Ed Brown Kobra Karry...
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    Three possibilities I have recently considered are:

    1. Sig P245 in .45 caliber
    2. H&K P2000SK in .40 caliber
    3. H&K HK45C in .45 caliber
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    g19 or remington 870

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    Just bought a G26. That's it for now, but next possibly a 1911 or a Sig 220.

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    Two months ago I bought a G26 and made the mistake of letting my Daughter-In-Law fire it. Now she owns it. On the plus side, she has a great shooting, very reliable gun and I just bought a new G27. Win - win situation. Of course I'm the one who lost money on the deal. But what are Father-In-Laws for?
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    I've been wanting this 1911 for about 4 years now, saw it once in a sporting goods store, but when I had the money and went back for the gun, it was gone. It is the Springfield Armory 1911A1 Loaded in Black Stainless.

    It may not be a carry gun, but yeah it will hopefully be my next purchase.
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    XD Sub Compact 9mm
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    High end 1911.

    Either a Wilson CQB compact or an Ed Brown Kobra Carry.
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    Kimber Compact Stainless II
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    Commander in 9mm or 38 Super

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    1) Entry-level shotgun, possibly Mossberg 500
    2) Semiauto Rifle, looking at CZ VZ-58 Mil Sport
    3) Another carry gun in .40, probably Walther PPS or Kahr CW-40

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    I've been thinking of adding a Sig P220 to my arsenal, but I may retire my S&W M66 and replace it with a M686 plus with 3" barrel or a M619 with 4" barrel and fixed sights. The M619 & M620(adjustable sights) are the replacements for the M65 & M66.

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