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What did you carry today?

This is a discussion on What did you carry today? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; G30 in a Fobus paddle holster at the house, when I went out of the house couple times today (I'm off work today) its IWB ...

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Thread: What did you carry today?

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    G30 in a Fobus paddle holster at the house, when I went out of the house couple times today (I'm off work today) its IWB Predator SO-2 tuckable with t-shirt untucked, 2 spare 13rnd mags, my badge (LEO...NOT ccw), pocket knife clipped, wallet and a set of cuffs in the other cargo pocket (we've had quite a few officers have off-duty encounters and I'm prepared, come close a couple times myself to having to intervene in something)
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    Today was a typical summer day, so it was my typical summer carry, my Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II in the Desantis Speed Scabbard at 3:30, cell phone, pocket knife and 20 pounds of keys.
    Come cold weather and heavier clothing it could be a S&W Model 36, S&W 686+, Ruger GP100 or the newest a S&W Model 29
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    S&W 500... Okay... Not. Kel-Tec PF9.
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    Well, when I got off work, I downloaded to my P2000 in a C-TAC, my CRKT and my flashlight IWB at 9:00, just like always and a whole load of other stuff that I carry all the time.
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    Walther PPS 9mm with iwb Uncle Mike

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    I carried my XDSC40 in a DM Bullard Dual Carry everywhere that I legally could, even at the gun range.
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    I carried my S&W 642 J-frame today.. Light and dependable.
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    S&W 642 .38 airweight
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    Over here now!
    Along with necessities in the Saddleback bag, a 442 in an Ankle Glove and a Boker Subclaw.
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    Home all day, carried my Glock 19 in a belly band.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Nothing, absolutely nothing...all day...I had to work in a high school...couldn't even have something in the car.
    Retsupt99 are you not a Florida CWP holder? If you are CWP, unless your school district (not the principal) has passed, adopted and publishes a written policy forbidding it, Florida statute F.S. 790.115(2)(a)(3) allows (and your CWP exempts you from Federal law 18 USC 922q) so that you are legal to have a gun in you car as long as it's securely encased or not readily available.
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    Today it was Taurus 85UL with Speer Gold Dots......tomorrow probably S&W 686.
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    Where ever the government says go
    keys, wallet, winchester pocket knife to work and when I got off G23 in Sepra holster
    Glock 23, Mossberg 590A, M&P 15 Rossi 641, RIA 1911,Sig 320(EDC)

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    S&W 637 all morning in the office, then Kahr CW9 the rest of the day (and still IWB at 11:30 pm), but I did spend 5 hours at the range in the afternoon shooting A Win 22/250, a Rem 22/250, a Rem 270, an Armalite A-10 (A4 Match) and a Rem Bull Barrel 308...oh, and a Kimber Untra Carry. So, I kinda' carried a LOT of guns today


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    My duty Glock 23 is in the glove box in a Blade-Tech Paddle Rig. My newly acquired BUG, a S&W 340 M&P rides in a Desantis Nemesis, in my right front pocket...until my new kydex pocket rig from Alabama Holster Co. arrives.
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    Para USA GI Expert 1911 in a horsehide SuperTuck and a Gerber mini pocket knife.

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