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Glock 23 or 27 for CC?

This is a discussion on Glock 23 or 27 for CC? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carried a G19 for almost 20 years as a concealed carry and have recently switch to a G23. Same size gun just a bigger ...

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Thread: Glock 23 or 27 for CC?

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    I carried a G19 for almost 20 years as a concealed carry and have recently switch to a G23. Same size gun just a bigger caliber, no problem with concealabilty even with the 110-115 degree weather of southern Nevada

    Before that I carried a 3 inch HB S&W model 36 for over 15 years

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    I use to own a G23 (great gun) & a G26 (9mm i know but still a baby glock) & the size difference is not that much & i found with the G26 I had to install the pinky extensions or you just cant shoot it......
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    Another vote for the G23. My hands aren't that large, but the fat grip of the subcompact leaves me with just two fingers on the grip, which takes away from control.

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    I've had both and I didn't think the 23 was that much more difficult to conceal than the 27, the concealment issue really just boils down to the grip being longer.

    So I'd go with the 23.
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    I carry the 23 everyday with no problem

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    The 23 is my duty weapon. I have carried it off-duty with no issues. But I do find myself carrying the 27 off-duty much more. The 23 can be concealed well, but the 27 is that much easier.
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    If you are carrying a bug to your G22, no doubt, go G27 as a bug.

    Quote Originally Posted by orangevol View Post
    My EDC G27 conceals very well with the Pearce grip extension and it is one of the most accurate guns I have.

    Quote Originally Posted by NY27 View Post
    ...The 23 can be concealed well, but the 27 is that much easier.

    Some would point out that with the grip extension you have the same size grip as a G23, that is only a 1/2 truth. The G27 is easier to CC (what hinders CC the most IMHO) and with a smaller upper is more comfortable.

    The G23 (like the G22) are great guns. If you want more rounds or something a little more accurate, the factual statemrnt is the G22 will be more accurate than a G23, and a G23 will be more accurate than a G27.

    With that said, in general, it is easier to CC and more comfortable to carry a G27 than a G23, and easier to CC / carry a G23 than a G22. To state a G23 is as easy to CC as a G27 is just not factual.
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    I carry a 23 daily and love it. I am going to get a 27 and a smart carry for when i need to be extra concealed. It wont replace the 23 though. Its to awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY27 View Post
    I do find myself carrying the 27 off-duty much more. The 23 can be concealed well, but the 27 is that much easier.
    ^This. But if I could have only one, I'd get the G23. It conceals just a tad less easily than the 27. Yet with September soon rolling our way, you'll have the season on your side to help with that chore. Also, there is no comparison to how much better the purchase is on the 23 over the 27 IMO.
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    I have both but prefer the 27. The grip on the 23 doesn't fit my hand well (average size hands) because of the finger grooves. The 27 isn't as crampt even though my pinky does not cover the grip.

    As far as extensions on the 27- I made myself learn to shoot it without the grip extension. It's more concealable without the grip extension.

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    Never had, or held, the G27. LOVE my G23. Plenty concealable (and comfortable) in the SmartCarry, IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcgyver210 View Post
    I carry a Glock 27 & haven't added any extensions etc so it is still very easy to con-seal. Also for me & my son we think we shoot better with the 27 over my 22.

    I think the best way to make this decision is to try out both on the range & make your own decision. I know I was surprised at how well the 27 shoots considering all the comments about it needing grip extensions.
    I have one mag with an extension but find I prefer to shoot and carry with a standard mag. I'm just as accurate if not more so without the extension and it does conseal better.
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    Well, ever since I bought my G27 in 1999? I've made it my number one carry pistol until about a year and a half ago when I ordered a brand new G19. Well, it became slowly apparent that I was feeling good with the G19 and range I started carrying it more than the G27. The main reason I switched wasn't for magazine was for the fit and feel of the larger grip and my ability to conceal it just as well as my G27. Flash forward to about six weeks ago, and as I had been wanting seriously to try a G23 and possibly take the place of my G22....I traded that G22 for a G23 at a local gun show. As of this past week, I'm carrying my G23 for summer time, and maybe all of the time. Then again, I am modular and I'll end up carrying whatever strikes me for that day anyway. But after more than ten years of Glock carry......G17, G19, G21, G22, G27, G30, and now G23.....those bought...sold...traded.......I can honestly say this G23 is a keeper for me. Personally, I have what I want now in the Glock lineup and the next Glock will be my lady's (G26) and I might shoot it once in a while. No more changes for me, and my Glocks will last me my lifetime.

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    I own both and if I had to choose one or the other I'd pick the 23. Still easy to conceal and I like the larger grip and added capacity.
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    +1 for the 23 all day its great

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