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This is a discussion on What to carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The above Kramer Belt Scabbard is a fine piece of leather. I however carry my P228 which is the same gun as far as size ...

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Thread: What to carry

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    The above Kramer Belt Scabbard is a fine piece of leather. I however carry my P228 which is the same gun as far as size goes....in a Mitch Rosen Premier OWB Snap-On.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zenlizard View Post
    Thanks! You all have been really helpful.

    I'd like to ask for one more recommendation. I currently own a Ruger GP100. I don't have a holster for it yet. I would like something that rides high and doesn't sag. Any suggestions?
    Welcome to the forum! Regarding the GP100 holster issue, well, first you need a belt that will not let the holster flop around or sag. Then, you need a good holster. Others have provided good holster recommendations, so I will not complicate things there. The IWB rig I generally use to CC a GP100 is out of production, and I also use a Safepacker. I never liked any type of "high ride" rig for large sixguns, because the grip would jab me in the ribs.

    As for whether a P229 is too large for CC, well, no, it is not too large, but truly concealing it will take more effort, and a better rig, than with something like a J-fame snubby. I use personally-owned P229 pistols as police duty handguns, and also for CC on my own time. A Milt Sparks VM2 will make a P229 disappear so well, that I wonder why guys bother to buy "subcompact" autopistols, unless they have subcompact hands. When a fight starts, I want something that FILLS my hand, without overfilling it, of course. A P229, with a short trigger, does that very well for me. I can draw and present the P229, and HAUL back on that trigger FAST, and get good hits. Some dainty little pistols require dainty little movements to shoot accurately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenlizard View Post
    Anything I carry I would like to carry backpacking or camping as a possible defense against bear or wild pigs. I know that sounds a bit crazy but with my lifestyle I feel I'm as likely to get gored by a pig as robbed by a gangbanger.

    But...I'd like to have something I could carry in any situation. Right now I've narrowed down my choices to .357 Sig, .40, or .45.
    If you're worried about bear or pigs, than I would go with a .357 mag or larger. Is your Ruger a .38 or .357?

    For daily CC the Sigs or 1911 would be fine.
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    When I carry my Sig P229 in 40 S&W I use and OWB holster made by High Noon. The holster model is the Slide Guard. The gun disappears under a shirt and very comfortable. I like the 45 acp gandun for carry. Sig make a P220 Compact in 45 which is a great carry gun. You may want to try one.

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    Here's my 2 cents worth.

    If you have narrowed the choise down in calibers, I (personally) would go with the 45. (go big or go home. LOL) Anyway, as far as for carry purposes, if you are going to carry concealed and especially if you are going to carry it inside the waist band, I would go with a variant of the 1911.

    I have carried several guns IWB and the most comfortable (by far) was the Taurus 1911 (w/ a 5" barrel) in a Cross Bread Holsters Super Tuck. 8 rounds in the mag and one in the pipe. I am currently looking at changing to a Rock Island Arms RIA tactical with a 3.5" barrel using the same holster.

    If you are only looking at carrying while you are in the woods what is wrong with the GP100? I have one as well. That, with the right ammo, will deal with any predator 2 or 4 legged that you come across. Another holster that you may want to consider for that is the Alaska Sportsman Chest hoster. (alaskasportsmanproducts.com)

    Remember, this is a good place for advice but the best thing to do is find a shop or a range that will let you try out several differents types of handguns that will fit your needs.

    Good luck.
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    welcome to the group! Lots of good advice already, not much more to add other than the gun you have especially if it is 357 mag seems good as an outdoor gun. I do prefer single stacks due to their slim grip but occasionally carry a double stack. Shoot others before you buy if you can!

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    Well I was ready to run out and buy something right away but now I'm convinced I need to shoot several different handguns before I decide what to get. I'll probably choose whichever one I prefer to shoot.

    The Ruger I have is a GP100 .357 mag with a "4 barrel. I carry it when hiking around my folks home in the Ozarks where I often run into bears. Never had a problem with bears yet but it makes a person nervous to be out in the middle of nowhere by yourself with a 250lb wild animal with big teeth and claws. Maybe I'm a bit of a puss but we all know what happened to "Grizzly Man".

    I also do a lot of backpacking but the Ruger takes up too much room and is too heavy for backpacking.

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    Sig 229 shouldn't be any problem to conceal. I carry a CZ P-06 and the dimensions are almost identical. Carry IWB concealed 99% of the time with no problems.

    Just curious as to why you intend to only carry occasionally. Do you have a crystal ball that will tell you each morning if you will need it? Remember, bad things happen anyplace and anytime. You can't pick and choose when you will need your weapon.

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    I will only carry occasionally because for the most part I don't feel it's necessary. Sure I might run into a dangerous situation but I might get hit by a meteorite as well. I'm not going to put armor plating on the roof of my car.

    The other reason is that I am often in places where it's illegal to carry even with the CHCP. I work for a municipal government and our concealed carry laws don't allow me to carry weapons in the vicinity of government offices. I think this is unfortunate but I'll just have to live with it.

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