How often do you shoot your EDC at the Range?

How often do you shoot your EDC at the Range?

This is a discussion on How often do you shoot your EDC at the Range? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi All, I was wondering how often people practise with their EDC? So I normally go to the range once every week or two at ...

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Thread: How often do you shoot your EDC at the Range?

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    How often do you shoot your EDC at the Range?

    Hi All,

    I was wondering how often people practise with their EDC?

    So I normally go to the range once every week or two at the longest and this week as a fluke I went 3 times. I own a fair amount of guns and like to shoot different ones depending on my mood and my ammo. I noticed something this week, and it may be because I shot so much with different guns....I had a harder time transitioning between triggers.

    I shot my S&W 66-2 and my Kahr PM9 on Monday, the Saturday before I shot my LCP and my Ruger 45/22 with my step-son. And then yesterday I shot my Glock 26 and my 1911.....yes I know that is a lot of completely different triggers but now I am worrying that maybe I should only shot what I am carrying or at least everytime I shoot, I should also shoot my EDC......

    So, I am curious what the "rotation" regiments are for others. I normally carry my PM9 or LCP for most of the year here in Florida, and occasionally my G26. I have always loved my Glock triggers but it gave me a bit of a hassle for the first magazine until I re-familarized myself with the trigger after recently shooting all the others....

    Is it possible to cause muscle memory issues with such a vast amount of differences in the triggers I used?

    Thanks for your thoughts!
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    I do not always shoot the gun I am carrying at the time. Sometimes I am on my lunch time or have an extra 1-2 hours out of town and so I sneak in a few rounds. I usually do this once a month and shoot whatever I'm in the mood for and have ammo for. My EDC and BUG are holstered and I am often dressed business casual so I do not shoot those, expecially my IWB.

    When I go for the day to shoot I always shoot my carry guns! I try to do this once per month also. I shoot my carry load and then a healthy diet of FMJ, clean and reholster. Then commence with my others. I cannot shoot every week though I wish I could!

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    I try to shoot a couple of times a month as my range is in my back yard,
    but with that said, with the price of ammo and the difficulty in finding it, I have cut back on the number of rounds I shoot. Sometimes I go out and shoot two magazines or maybe three and that's it.
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    Since my EDC is my only gun I shoot it every time I go to the range.

    As it has been said, "Be careful of the man with one gun - he may know how to use it"!

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    I am ashambed to say that, due to time constraints, my rifles, revolvers and most of my autos have found zero range time this last year. The few times I've found the time to shoot...I have focused on my G26 which is now my CCW.

    My present job requires me to qualify twice a year with a G17. Amazingly enough, my recent job related scores have actually improved dramatically!

    I attribute this to uniformity of draw, grip, trigger pull and sighting of a (one weapon) platform. Honestly, if I just had one weapon, no matter what the weapon platform, I'd be far more proficient. Just my 2 cents...but I'm taking that to the bank.
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    I try to get some trigger time at least a couple times a month. As of late, 9mm and .380 is kinda hard to locate.

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    I shoot as often as I can, try to make it to the range at least every other week.While I may shoot other guns, I will usually run at least 1 mag through my EDC gun. For me there is not weapon rotation, I carry the same gun year around.

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    Usually once a week. Will shoot both of my EDC guns and my home defense gun each time.
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    I usually shoot my EDC's every time I go to the range. Unfortunately I don't get to go more than 4-5 times a year. Work and recent medical problems have limited my shooting.
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    I carry a Sig .45 as my primary. My BUG is a Taurus .22. Guess which one gets shot everytime, the .22. I try and shoot my .45 when I can get a new box of ammo, but its not that often now. The .22 I havent bought new ammo in months and I still have over 1000 rounds. So about once a month I shoot. Sadly money is the big constraint.
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    I shoot weekly but my carry gun gets shot about once a month,will be swapping out my M&P45c for my combat commander once I break it in and my holster gets here
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    Every week, rain or shine.
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    Two times a month. 50 to 75 rounds.

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    twice a month, between 100 and 150 rounds each time.
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    Every time I go to the range, which is about twice a month now. I usually try and run between 100 and 200 rounds through my EDC each range session.

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