Visit to the dark side of the Planet!

Visit to the dark side of the Planet!

This is a discussion on Visit to the dark side of the Planet! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After 30 plus years as a avid handgunner, shooter, collector, just plain gun nut, I have gone agianst the grain and purchased a GLOCK G19. ...

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Thread: Visit to the dark side of the Planet!

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    Visit to the dark side of the Planet!

    After 30 plus years as a avid handgunner, shooter, collector, just plain gun nut, I have gone agianst the grain and purchased a GLOCK G19. I own serveral other plastic fantastics but this is the first trip to the dark side of the planet. I have shot friends Glocks on many occasions and as with many the grip angle is the bassic issue for me. I have always liked and been more comfortable with the JMB style grip angle of the 1911, or Hi Power, or CZ handguns. But I decided to purchase a Glock and run it hard and often and see how I like it over the long haul. Just hope my wrist does not lockup in a strange perminant position! happy my friend! I already ordered several more Glock mags and a Bob Hazel custom leather holster so I guess the die is cast now. I am all in it seams........for now anyway!

    When I leave the home port:
    S&W 642 Airweight, Ruger SP 101, Colt Detective Spec., CZ RAMI, Kahr PM9, Kahr CW40, S&W Model 10-7, Glock 30, 19, and 26, Browning Hi Power, CZ82, Colt Commander, Dan Wesson PM7, Ruger LCP

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    They aren't pretty, but they are good guns.
    eschew obfuscation

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    I love my 1911, but if I were in a true SHTF episode the only handgun I'd want is a Glock 22 or maybe the Glock 35. Great choice.

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    Mua-ha-ha-Ha-ha! You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile!

    Surrender now!

    Seriously, you just bought what is quite possibly the best combat handgun in existence today. Great balance of size, weight, power, ammo capacity, mild recoil, and reliability!
    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all. Get a gun you will always carry, and add more capability as you grow.

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    A buddy and I both said we never liked glocks and that they were ugly. Never planned on buying one. Then I ended up buying the 23 and liking it and he shot it and likes it as well. Said it might be his next purchase. Now I own 2 myself.
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    I too am about to visit the dark side, although my heart will always be with Springfield and Colt, I find myself about to indulge in the sins of the flesh. Great looking gun man, Congrats.
    "The Beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." -Thomas Jefferson

    "When loss of liberty is looming, as it is now The siren sounds first in the hearts of freedoms vanguard"- Heston

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    Quote Originally Posted by pirate View Post
    and a Bob Hazel custom leather holster so I guess the die is cast now.
    What, no Crossbreed TUCKable holster?

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    One of my best friends in the world is a Forensic Analyst in a Firearms section of a crime lab. He is ATF trained and an armorer in just about every major and non major firearm company out there. He was as ANTI GLOCK as they come. Simply refused to accept what a great tool they were. What does he use as his HD weapon? A Glock 21 with NS and a Glock Laser/light combo. He said he looked around and just couldnt find anything with as much ammo capacity in a fight stopping round that was as easy to maintain and handle under stress. There are lots of other pretty guns and guns that are much nicer to show your friends, but the Glock just does the job. It is reliable a good percentage more of the time than most other designs out there in more numerous adverse conditions. I own Smith, Sig and Glock, love them all, and have owned many others. If made to choose I would take my Glock every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Congrats on joining the dark side.
    Friends don't let friends be MALL NINJAS.

    I am just as nice as anyone lets me be and can be just as mean as anyone makes me. - Quoted from Terryger, New member to our forum.

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    Never say Never!

    The Darkside is insidious and persistent!

    Good luck.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    I'll bet a G26 won't be far behind...
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    Well now you've stepped in it.

    Congrats on your purchase. I bought my first Glock (a G19) in June and when I get a chance to shoot, it shows it's true colors as a GREAT pistol. I've only had the pleasure of shooting Remington UMC's and some Remington Golden Sabre's so far-not a single issue yet.

    There is no more beautiful handgun in the world as a 1911, I love mine and always will.

    But this G19, ugly as it is, is a damn fine weapon.

    Enjoy! Pick-up a 33-round magazine if you can, not great for concealed carry but fun at the range.

    NRA Life Member

    With great power comes great responsibility.-Stan Lee

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    congrats on the new G19

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    I was wooed over to the Dark Side by a G21SF, and wouldn't you know I love that big, ugly gun! I can shoot it quicker and more accurately than many of my other guns.

    Pirate, many people would say that the G19 is one of the BEST CCW guns ever made due to size/weight vs. capacity.
    "Naked and Starving as They are We Cannot Enough Admire the Incomparable Patience and Fidelity of the Soldiery" – George Washington, Valley Forge, 1777.

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    Congrats my swashbuckling friend!! As a late convert to Glock..I LOVE the G19. I think it's the best 9mm platform..period. And for the record I'm a 1911 guy too(2 Colts)and owned a Belgian-made Hi-Power also. So welcome to the world of "Combat Tupperware"!
    "We deal in lead friend">Steve McQueen The Magnificent Seven
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    Nice pick!

    I wonder what you next Glock will be?

    I started with a Glock-36, then it was a Glock-26...then...
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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