Any Baby Browning/Colt M1908 Owners Here?

This is a discussion on Any Baby Browning/Colt M1908 Owners Here? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've decided to look for one of these at an upcoming gun show. Anything I need to look at and/or be concerned with? How are ...

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Thread: Any Baby Browning/Colt M1908 Owners Here?

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    Any Baby Browning/Colt M1908 Owners Here?

    I've decided to look for one of these at an upcoming gun show. Anything I need to look at and/or be concerned with? How are they to shoot? I've heard they are pretty fun and a .25 in the pocket still beats a .45 left at home!

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    I have wanted an original Belgian Baby Browning for years...not for carry, but the whole nostalgia thing. Great collector's item. Unfortunately the centerfire 25 acp is one step below standard velocity .22 cal from the same sized weapon, but at least 2 steps above rocks and pointy sticks. Another thing that takes the fun out of shooting the .25 cal acp is the cost of ammunition, and lack of availability now. It's almost akin to getting addicted to shooting a nice .410 shotgun, then realizing the price of ammunition as about double the 20 ga and 12 ga.

    I hope you find one in very good condition. Be sure to download a manual as the Baby can be "interesting" to dis-assemble and re-assemble.


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    the pawn shop that i do alot of gun business with has a couple of those...(they did 2 weeks ago anyway) ...he also has a colt 25 that is still in the box...Robbie

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    Having heard how much more powerful .22 Long Rifle was than .25 ACP and being skeptical, I tested the two side by side in very similar guns. Actually the .25 handily holds its own against high velocity .22 Long Rifle when fired in the same sized weapons. Both are fairly feeble.

    I've had a Colt Model 1908 for many years, fired it quite a lot for fun, and have observed that it gives very reliable function. I used to carry it when I didn't feel anything larger would fit with the wardrobe or situation but there are better choices these days.

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    I have 1 Baby Browning and 2 Bauer .25's. The reason I bought them many years ago was because they fit into a plastic case that clips onto your belt and looks like a beeper(even has the word Signet and a telephone number on it).
    I used to carry it as a BUG to my S&W669. Back then I used to go to work at 2am and I used to get pulled over all the time. When I showed the LEO the gun and case I would usually be there for half and hour because they would call everyone else on duty to see it.

    WARNING: Do not keep a round in the chamber, it is not drop safe(I learned that the hard way climbing into a tractor trailer...POW).

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