Bought a new pistol yesterday. It was stolen today.

Bought a new pistol yesterday. It was stolen today.

This is a discussion on Bought a new pistol yesterday. It was stolen today. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I finnally broke down and bought a kel tec P3AT yesterday. I also bought a spare mag and a belt clip for it. The same ...

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Thread: Bought a new pistol yesterday. It was stolen today.

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    Bought a new pistol yesterday. It was stolen today.

    I finnally broke down and bought a kel tec P3AT yesterday. I also bought a spare mag and a belt clip for it. The same store had plenty of ammo too, so I dropped $406 in about ten minutes.

    I then took it over to a friends property and we took it for a test drive to break her in. I was easily making a pop can dance around at 10 yds with it. My friends secretary wanted to try it, and right out of the get go she was dead on even though she has very little experience with firearms and even less with pistols.

    I had been quite pleased with this little piece. I tested it out with my defensive rounds of choice, then when we were done I loaded it up, tucked it on my pants, and said my good byes.

    I absolutely loved how this made such a nice little addition to my tool box that was barely noticeable. I tried it out in my workout attire, which consists of gym shorts and a sleevless T, and it rode with me without a problem. I was feeling good about this little gun, and it solved a carrying solution for me right off the bat.

    I had shown it to my wife last night, and she seemed partially interested.

    Then today, she asked about taking it with her when she went grocery shopping. I thought it was great since she does not carry as often as I would like her to, primarily because she has yet to find a carry option that she is completely comfortable with. So she took it with her.

    When she came back two hours later, I asker her how it all went.

    She said that it was great, and that the gun was no longer mine.

    I lost my kel tec in under 24 hours.
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    Could you bring yourself to ask for joint custody? Visitation on range days?

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    $406 to help insure your wife's safety....a good use of the money!
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    Now is the time, thats right, now is the time to go lay down more $$$ and get a twin for your new family member. What a romantic moment that would be, matching his and hers firearms.
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    Seriously. Go get another. That's about as good of an endorsement as you'll ever get (I'm still hiding guns that the wife can never know about)...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trumpetchuck View Post
    $406 to help insure your wife's safety....a good use of the money!
    +1 money well spent

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    SO, don't you mean you spent $812 for your new P3AT?

    Did she thank you for breakin in her new pistol. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    (I'm still hiding guns that the wife can never know about)...
    I hear ya. That was funny

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    I have heard of that happening in several cases, and when it came time to choose our carry guns we hit the range and rented a couple.
    We started with the Kimber and one mag was enough for me to know that was my gun. Hubby thought the same way. Good thing they had 2 in stock
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    Well you know that you can not go with out a carry gun and that you will need to spend a little more money and replace it and by the way Honey I think I would like to upgrade a little LOL.

    Great story and I am sure you will work it out.
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    LOL, great story.......
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    Great story. O'well time to go shopping again.

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    Did you call 911?
    Oh wait a minute, that would involve sleeping on the couch for months...

    I'd say that you've made your wife a little safer!
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    Mrs. Supporter does this to me as well, never fails when I'm finnally able to buy a handgun and she shoots it. I hear this one is mine now. All well at least she too is interesated in the handgun world!
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    Go buy an LCP and then she will have to have that one. Then you can get that P3AT back to who it belongs to.

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