Still Looking for next purchase in a CC .45

Still Looking for next purchase in a CC .45

This is a discussion on Still Looking for next purchase in a CC .45 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a S&W CS45 now and it's great - but - looking for another CC .45 that has an accessory light rail. Now I'm ...

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Thread: Still Looking for next purchase in a CC .45

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    Still Looking for next purchase in a CC .45

    I have a S&W CS45 now and it's great - but - looking for another CC .45 that has an accessory light rail.

    Now I'm between these two:
    Glock 30 (GLock's Baby .45)

    Taurus PT145 (Taurus's SubCompact .45)
    Spec's for both (if my sources are correct)

    Glock 30:
    Length: 6.77 Inches
    Height: 4.76 Inches
    Width: 1.27 Inches
    Barrel Length: 3.78 Inches
    Weight: 23.99 oz

    Taurus PT145:
    Length: 6.125 Inches
    Height: 5.125 Inches
    Width: ??? Inches
    Barrel Length: 3.25 Inches
    Weight: 22.2 oz

    Several good reviews for both - here's one for the Taurus:
    Taurus PT 145 Millennium Pro .45 ACP Pistol

    Ok - Opinions and comments please.......
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    The Glock 30 (I have the sf) is one of the most accurate Glocks from my experience (having several). Also I think it's a law in many states that if one owns more than 2 pistols one has to be a Glock. Careful, Glocks can be addicting.
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    Well I may be the wrong person to answer, but is this even a contest? Glock30 (or SF) all the way!
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    Go with the mill pro. Shoot any ammo without changing barrel.

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    I have both of these handguns the G30 and PT145, and while I love both of them, no contest the G30 wins hands down. I love the way the PT145 feels in my hand, but I have had a lot of reliability issues with mine. The PT145 has had several issues with jamming and not wanting to feed properly. I have read a lot of reviews and many have these same issues, I have tried several different types of ammo with no answer, some blame it on the magazines from the factory. I have not had to deal with Taurus CS, but most say it is a night mare to try and get replacment mags from them or anything else. I would love to put this little gun in my EDC rotation but I just can't find it dependable enough. I am sure some have them with no problems but as for mine, I will probably sell it and move on. IMHO you won't go wrong with the G30, I carry it everyday and it eats anything I feed it. I have never had an issue with it, great gun. I hope this helps you out.
    Good Luck.

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    No reason to put your self through any undo stress so just buy both of them! lol

    Seriously the glock probably would be the best out of the 2!
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    I've never had any trouble with my mill pro. Great trigger,eats every thing. My glock 30 3.5#/NY1 spring combo, change barrel then good trigger and shoot anything.

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    Get the Glock, you won't be sorry...
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    I have had my Pt145 now for about 1 year and have never had a mis-fire or any issue's with any of the 4 mags i own. It fires anything i put in it and it'd dead on at the range. It's my everyday ccw. For the money it's way to go, it's half the price of a Glock.

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    G30, no contest:

    - It's likely to be 100% reliable with all kinds of ammo
    - There is a HUGE selection of aftermarket parts for it
    - It is very simple to customize yourself - no gunsmith required
    - It has very few parts and is very easy to disassemble
    - Its barrel is 1/2" longer, more velocity
    - Its tennifer treated slide and barrel is the best finish available
    - Its height (grip) is 1/4" shorter, a bit more comfortable carry and less printing

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    I have the Taurus PT745 in my pocket right now. I have not had it very long, but I have broke it in with no problems. I am not an expert gun man, but have not found anything wrong with this pistol. The trigger on this one is very nice. Much nicer than the run of the mill issue .45 in the Navy. 28.2 oz with 6+1 and an Uncle Mike's holster. Fits comfortably in the top front pocket of my cargo shorts. My only other recent point of reference is a P3AT which has a long double action trigger.

    Pistols are just a tool for me. I am looking for the minimum cost weapon that is going to go bang each time. Perhaps someday, I will become more of a collector and be more knowledgeable of the different brands.

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    Between the two, go with the glock. But also check this out.Springfield Armory
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    If you look at it as an investment, the Glock is the way to go. If you don't like the Glock you could sell it for 95% of retail (maybe 110% in some markets) and buy the Taurus. I've got no problems with Taurus, but if you buy it and don't like it, your resale value will be less. OMO.

    For the record, my EDC is Taurus 1911ar
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    Just bought a G30 from a member on Glock Talk and it should be in some time this week. So I guess you know what gets my vote.
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    I have a pt145 with over 1000 rounds through it never a hitch I would not hesitate to buy another one.

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