Some revolvers I checked out, any thoughts?

Some revolvers I checked out, any thoughts?

This is a discussion on Some revolvers I checked out, any thoughts? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I took a trip to the local gun shop today and checked out some revolvers. They all seem to feel nice I just need to ...

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Thread: Some revolvers I checked out, any thoughts?

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    Some revolvers I checked out, any thoughts?

    I took a trip to the local gun shop today and checked out some revolvers. They all seem to feel nice I just need to see if I can find a place where I can check them out at a rang for a test drive. any thoughts or experience with Rossi MODEL R46102 .357 MAGNUM 2",
    Taurus ULTRA-LITE MODEL 85 .38 SPL., Ruger Lightweight Compact Revolver (LCR).38 SPL+P, and S&W J frame Model 317 Revolver and night guard.

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    The J-frame Smiths are the cream of the crop. The LCR seems to be a great gun but I don't like to buy 1st year production guns, I prefer to let them get the bugs worked out. My son has a Rossi like the one you saw, it shoots well and he's never had a problem with it.
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    S&W seems to be the best
    I like Charter Arms for a cheaper
    option but still made with good quality

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    Everyone should own at least ONE S&W snubbie.
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    Rossi is pretty much an old S&W copy, made with old Smith tooling in fact. For the $ it's a nice revolver. Taurus model 85 or any ultralite is a nice carry gun because of weight, but not as much fun to shoot...not bad, just not as good as the heavier ones. With all the problems the LCR has had(just what I've read) probably shouldn't get that one. I myself own a Rossi 461 and a Taurus 85UL, like both of them a lot, no problems with either, Rossi is a better shooter. I'd also suggest a Ruger SP101.
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    A S&W would be my vote, or a used Colt Detective Special if you can find one.

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    I'd go with the S&W.
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    I am bias toward Smith revolvers. Own a j-frame now and have two other Smith revolvers on the wish list.
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    I carry and shoot a j-frame taurus. it has not failed me yet, fired when pulled the trigger, and reasonably priced to begin with. yup, not much fun to shoot after your 1st box of 50 rounds.
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    IMHO lightweight revolvers (unless you are a gorilla) have way to much muzzle flip to be accurate at any more than five feet. I got rid of my Smith 637 and bought a Model 60. Even with that, there's a lot of muzzle flip. Are you planning on concealing this revolver? That's the only reason to get something as light as a snubby. Otherwise, I'd look at a Smith 686 7 shot, which addresses the problem of capacity. The 4" barrel models look winter concealable to me.
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    Just a thought, have you rented any small revolvers yet to see how you like them. I had two S&W j frames but sold/traded since I didn't care for the rather harsh recoil. I did try a Ruger LCR recently, though, and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the trigger was and how the recoil wasn't as bad as the Smiths.
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    I love my Smith. It is the gold standard for a reason.
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    Rossi MODEL R46102 .357 MAGNUM 2"
    I almost purchased this gun at one time. Look at the ballistics lose a lot of the "Magnum" part with it only being a
    two inch barrel. Read somewhere were a guy fired 6 rounds
    of .357 with no hearing protection and lost 40% of his hearing
    in one ear.

    Taurus ULTRA-LITE MODEL 85 .38 SPL
    Have heard people say negative things but, not sure myself.

    Ruger Lightweight Compact Revolver (LCR).38 SPL+
    These are still very expensive. Hope they come down someday
    as I would get one.

    S&W J frame Model 317 Revolve
    I think most people will say the Smith is the best out of all
    the choices.

    Have you looked into the P3AT or LCP? They are light to
    carry everyday.

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    go with the J-frame
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    On the Taurus, you may want to consider the 85 in stainless steel, as the added weight makes it a much more comfortable shooter. The Ultralights can be a bugger at the range.
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