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Convince me Kimber isn't as bad as I think they are

This is a discussion on Convince me Kimber isn't as bad as I think they are within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have always loved my Kimbers. I just got back from a weekend of training and I bought four extra Wilson mags to go with ...

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Thread: Convince me Kimber isn't as bad as I think they are

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    I have always loved my Kimbers. I just got back from a weekend of training and I bought four extra Wilson mags to go with my 5 Kimber mags. My only difficulties came while using the Wilson mags. They were hard to insert with just one slap, and there were some failure to go into battery...ONLY with the Wilson mags, the Kimber mags worked perfectly.
    Other than that, my Kimber Ultra CDP and my Kimber CDP Compact both gave great service after spitting out about 1400 rounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonconsiglio View Post
    Heck, if you find a used Kimber with the external extractor, go for it!!

    You can send it in and they'll replace the entire slide, for free, with a new slide with an internal extractor.

    I'd stay away from OTHER 1911's with an external extractor.
    That's after you have sent it back to them 4-5 times explaining that it doesn't run. They will not replace it just because you sent it in asking for it. They will inspect and send back your gun saying that everything was fine. Then, you will have to threaten them with litigation, etc., etc....

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    Kimber is as bad as you think.

    The customer service is even worse.

    They are arrogant, rude, unresponsive, and when I sent an unreliable gun to them, they sent it back with a part missing.

    The only use I have for Kimber is as an impact weapon, or raw material for a knifemaker who will melt it down to forge me a blade from the steel.

    Kimber = double+p+bad^3

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    This is why I am a die hard Springfield fan, their customer service is simply awesome. This is the 1911 I really want,

    I have been after this particular one for over 3 years, I saw it once in a sporting goods store, but when I collected the funds and went back to purchase it was gone. :(
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    Quote Originally Posted by maddawg View Post
    If only they would make them like they did in the early 90's
    I like that G10 Starburst grip also.
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    My new 3" Raptor has been flawless out of the box. I'm still in the so called "Brake in" period at 420 rounds. 100rds Blazer Brass, 200 Remington UMC, 100 American Eagle, 20 Federal Hydra-Shok. It's a perfect carry size and In the Milt Sparks holster I sometimes forget I'm carrying. I was on the fence between the Kimber or Dan Wesson and I'm very satisfied with my choice. Good luck on your 1911 decision

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubNine View Post
    I am still after a Springfield Armory Loaded model in stainless but they are extremely difficult to find locally. I would much rather support the local guys versus shopping online and having it sent to my dealer. Most of the ones I find locally are the brands I listed above. My budget is around 1,000.
    I have two Springfields and a Kimber. The first was a basic 1911-A1 Springer bought in 1990 which was accurate enough but needed work to become reliable, which is now is. Almost three years ago I got a Kimber Custom CDP II (basically a Lightweight Commander with a carry melt job) and once it had 100 rounds thru it and I stopped using the OEm Kimber mag, it's been flawless.

    This spring I hankered after a full-size, steel 1911 with all the trimmings. A friend who's a SWAT officer swore by his Springfield Professional, and I trust his opinion but I didn't have close to 3 grand to put into the gun. Likewise, Wilsons were out of my price range. Well, I worked a few days at the NRA convention this spring and ended up spending a lot of time with the Springfield Pro Shop guys. Told them the foregoing, and their collective opinion was that the TRP model was the best value in the Springfield line. All the same parts as the Professional, but lacking the intensive hand-fitting and checking of all the pieces. OK, still a $1600+ list price. Well, I tripped over one in Gun Broker for $1150, and she's mine now. Not quite up to 1000 rounds yet, maybe halfway there, but it's the solid gun I wanted. Good sights, eats anything I feed it, the mag well really helps the reload process. I really don't care for the ambi safety, but it's OK; and I also replaced the 2-piece guide rod with a standard spring plug setup.

    I'll also put in a plug for SA service. The 1990-vintage gun always shot about 3 inches low, and once I started doing informal action shooting it was too much of a bother to always hold off high. I contacted SA's service department, and they told me to send the gun in. I got it back a month later with all new sights, and a new barrel, barrel bushing and link - at zero cost on an 18-year-old gun. NOW it shoots to point of aim!

    My suggestion is to keep your eyes open for a TRP or even ask your dealer what it would take to get one in for you. And although I'm sympathetic to the mom 'n pop gun shops, don't apologize for shopping on-line, either, if it gets you the gun you want.
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    I have heard reports good and bad about Kimber. I'd honestly say about 50/50. The people who say they have had no problems are very happy with their Kimbers. The folks I have spoken to who have bad things to say have very bad things.

    The bottom line for me is:

    A. They just cost too darn much for me to buy one no matter how much I might like to have one.

    B. With the price of them, I would expect to hear very few or no bad reports. 50/50 is not acceptable to me for a handgun costing in the $1200 to $3000 range when I can buy a Glock or XD for $500 to $700 and know it will work.
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    Both of mine, a 5" Custom and a 3" Ultra carry have never had a stoppage of any kind in ten + years and countless rounds. Most of the problems that I have heard of were associated with the external extractors. Stay away from those and you will be fine.

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    Going through this thread it's funny to note how evryone has had different experiences. I have 3 Kimbers. 5" Stainless II, 4" CDP PRO, and a 3" Stainless Ultra Carry (my EDC). The 5" and 3" both have external extractors and have run perfect. The 4" will not run Wilson mags. Kimber mags are flawless and Chip McCormik mags are flawless, but put a Wilson in it and it will not run a full mag clean. The 5" will run the Wilsons fine and never shot anything but Kimber mags in the 3".
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