My New Kimber

My New Kimber

This is a discussion on My New Kimber within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My Glock 19 has never had a hiccup, but it was starting to bore me. My S&W 642 with CT grips is a superb carry ...

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Thread: My New Kimber

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    My New Kimber

    My Glock 19 has never had a hiccup, but it was starting to bore me. My S&W 642 with CT grips is a superb carry gun for the summer time--pocket or IWB and that thing just disappears, even under tight T-shirt. But, I've coveted the Ultra Covert II since the first time I saw it in a magazine going on 2 years ago. Finally, she is mine.

    The holster search, however, has been as painful as I knew it would be. So many nice rigs to choose from. I'm partial to leather, but it seems that the vast majority of makers have at least a 2 month wait, with most being over 6 months. This post will be followed by a WTB thread in the sales forum.
    Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky.

    Thanks for looking.

    EDIT: Hmmm. Seems like I can't post a WTB holster thread in the sales forum. Well, if anyone knows somebody that is trying to move a quality holster that will fit this, shoot me a PM.
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    She's a beauty, almost a crime to hide it in a holster
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    Congratulations. Nice looking shooter.

    As far as a holster, I have a Brigade Gunleather OWB that I have for sale in a thread on the Buy/SellTrade forum. It was for a Para WartHog but since the only difference is in the thickness of the grip which doesn't go into the holster anyway, I can't see any reason it would fit. If you were interested and it didn't work, I'd be happy to refund your money (minus actual shipping costs). Since the mag holder wouldn't do you any good since it's for a double-stack mag, I'd sell the holster only for $90.00 shipped to lower 48. I'll be out of town for a week starting tomorrow so wouldn't be able to ship until I get back, but let me know if you're interested.

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    welcome to the Kimber club
    Very nice looking pistol, iam sure you'll be pleased with it. Looks like it the same as my EDC only different color obviously
    Just a note for you if its a brand new one & it starts having FTF's early on, look at the "slide stop" for brass marks & if you see them call Kimber & tell them you need a "modified" slide stop. Its FREE & should correct the issue completely. Both of my new Kimber's needed them, good luck & enjoy

    Link below shows my 2 Kimbers:

    P.S.. As for holster's check Kimbers web-site they have some nice one's that are available for shipping most of the time. I have the "concealable owb" thats real nice & i also bought a "broomeland max con v" from someone on this forum that carries well too.....good luck
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    They are beauties! A work of art indeed. I have an Ultra Carry II in black. Initially I had a FTF issue but since Kimber sent me a new slide stop without charge, the gun works flawlessly. Enjoy!

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    Beautiful... going to find your WTB thread. I have a couple of options for you.
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    SWEEEEEET!!!! Congrats

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    Certainly a GREAT looking Kimber...nice choice.
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    Although I prefer full size 1911s that is one nice looking piece, also cool they come with CT laser grips!
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    Great looking gun. Good luck on the search for a holster.

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    Sweet gun! I love the look of that baby! Don't expect it to be as reliable as your G-19 though.
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    I have been drooling over that Kimber for the past few weeks (via

    Enough said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterGuns View Post
    The holster search, however, has been as painful as I knew it would be. So many nice rigs to choose from. I'm partial to leather, but it seems that the vast majority of makers have at least a 2 month wait, with most being over 6 months.
    Since this is a 1911 pattern gun, there are several respectable holster manufacturers out there with a selection of off-the-shelf models you can have in pretty short order. These include DeSantis, Galco, and Mitch Rosen's "Ready To Ship" line - and there are others, I'm sure.

    I'm partial to leather myself, and am happy that over the years I've acquired great hand-built products from Milt Sparks and Horseshoe Leather.
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    Congrats, great choice I love the color.
    As for holster's you waited 2 years for the gun, go ahead and order from Milt Sparks 6 months wait I think.

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    Congrats. Cool lookin pistol.

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