Initial Carry Gun

Initial Carry Gun

This is a discussion on Initial Carry Gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey guys, I know this topic has really been done to death, and I may have very well read nearly every thread on the topic, ...

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Thread: Initial Carry Gun

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    Initial Carry Gun

    Hey guys,

    I know this topic has really been done to death, and I may have very well read nearly every thread on the topic, but I'm looking for some input on the first CC gun.

    I've shot .40S&W for a good while now, and since two of my other guns are .40, I'm thinking of staying in that caliber as it is easier to keep and stock one caliber. Its not a must, but if I change calibers it would be to a 9mm and staying away from .380/.45, so please no "omg get a bersa or lcp!"

    That said,
    1) I like the PPS in .40, although have seen the recall notice and other anecdotes about ftf or stovepiping in the .40. Also the $600 price tag is a big high - although you really cant put a price on safety.
    2) I held the Taurus 709Slim this past weekend at a show, it felt thin, but I liked it and the trigger safety - what kept me away was the 9mm and not .40. I did like the Taurus MilPro and 24/7Compact, but want something easy to conceal as possible.
    3) Kel - Tec 9mms - I like the fact they're TINY and cheap, but again, would love to stay .40cal.
    4) Glocks - alot of guys here are nuts about their glocks - I'm not as well educated as y'all, and am open to suggestions, but the ones I've seen seem a little thick for easy carry in the wardrobe I am oft in. Also, $$$ is a bit up there.

    Really... any input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Am I missing something or not thinking about it correctly?

    Overall, I really wish I could fire a 709Slim or a PPS or a Kel Tec and feel how they run. Its one thing to feel the gun cold, but to me it has a whole different feel when fired. To my knowledge, the few gun shops around here do not have PPS/709/Kel Tecs for rent, so that puts a barrier on that idea... anyone in Ohio/KY willing to take a trip to the range -- I'll provide the ammo. haha.

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    When looking for a CC gun, these are the things you want to look at:

    1. Reliability - a carry gun must work the first time, every time
    2. Accuracy - it has to be accurate in YOUR hands
    3. Concealment - if it needs to be invisible, and you can't adapt your wardrobe, then you'll have to find a gun that works

    I do like my Glock but I'm perfectly willing to admit that there are other quality firearms on the market. However, for me Glock came up the winner in the accuracy contest.
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    Don't forget Kahrs

    For a slim .40 caliber carry gun to wear on the belt, I'd probably go with a Kahr K40, the all steel model. It is very compact but has the weight to easily handle .40 recoil. An alternative would be the Sig P239 in .40, a slightly larger gun but still fairly compact.
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    I would look at the Springfield XD in the compact model if I needed something smaller. The safety features make it a good carry weapon. The tuff thing is there are so many good guns out there.


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    Welcome to DC!

    You might want to look at the Kahr CW series. They're good quality and ideal for CC, and priced right. I have the 9 and carry it every day. I highly recommend um and will buy another. They have a .40 caliber and even a .45 too, if I'm not mistaken. I CC'd my G23 for a while, but it's just to bulky for the way I like to dress.

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    Every day carry for me is my Glock 27 in a Don Hume H721OT OTW pancake holster. I often open carry, but when I cover up it is very concealable even with a dark tee shirt. When the weather gets cooler, I switch to my XD .45 compact under a light jacket or fleece vest.

    You may like the size of the Glock 23 over the 27, it's not that much larger. You can find most Glocks with standard sights for around $500, and you can be assured the quality and reliability is there!
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    I carry mine in a Don Hume IWB and love it. Same size as G23. I compared my S&W to a friends G23 and I liked the S&W better.

    You can pick up a new SW40VE easily for under $350 and if you really shop & dig you can find them right at $300.
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    Welcome from Virginia.

    I second the Glock 27. I regularly pocket carry it in cargo pants and khakis.
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    You just cannot beat I Glock,.. IMO.... But it is a personal choice..

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    If you are comfortable carrying it and are willing to bet your life on it, carry anything you want. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of it. What works for some, will not work for all. A .40 S&W is difficult to beat, performance wise, availability wise and other wise.
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    PPS in .40

    I just bought a PPS in.40 a month or so ago. Several hundred rnds downrange, not a single hiccup(fmj's, jhp's, everything I fed it). Check out the other posts about the later serial #'s Walther's. They seem to have a good scald on them now(group markings AK or ltr seems like). I sold a Kahr .40 K covert to fund PPS. Close to same size but in no way close to carry ease. The PPS wins hands down. I had to belt carry the Kahr, the PPS I can carry in a pocket. It does have to be a deeper pocket, but the weight is fine. I ordered a 5 rnd mag and it dissappears on the beltline or in a pocket. Quality is far superior to my glocks (I love my glocks, just too thick to carry comfortably) and as good as the metal Kahrs. I actually think I prefer shooting the Walther to my Kimber .40 Ultra Carry. Took my wife and a freind of hers shooting this past Sat and both women preferred the PPS to the Kimber, less percieved recoil. Kinda strange but I tend to agree, it doesn't seem to make sense but it's the truth. That's my experience, hope it helps. Good Luck!

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    thanks for all the input!

    I have been and still am leaning toward the PPS due to the slightly smaller frame. I tend to wear much tighter clothes than many on here and concealment is the big issue. I would not mind a glock 27 one bit, but again the PPS is a tid smaller.

    Still wish I could shoot them and compare the difference. But it may mean I have to buy them all;).

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    Rent 'em at a range & see for yourself?
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    no range around here offers them.

    sweet 1911s, yes.

    pps', no.

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    When it comes to CC I always rate reliability as the top priority followed by concealability. For that reason I would probably pass on the Kahrs and Kel-Tecs. I know this will make a bunch of people jump up and tell stories of 10K rounds with zero malfs but there are too many reports of problems with these pistols to simply dismiss them as the rare lemon and I do not take chances with a problematic gun. I also believe the Kahrs to be a little pricey. So I would go with the Glock subbies followed by the XD's. The Glocks get the nod because of available gear and aftermarket mods. Both are a little thick IMO but they are carried by thousands of owners fairly easily. (I think everyone would love to see a single stack G26 or 27)

    As far as sticking with a single caliber; that is a valid plan that many people adhere to. Personally I prefer to have more than one caliber in case of a severe ammo shortage (DUH) or a SHTF scenario where your chosen caliber might not be available but another is. For that reason I am getting a .357sig barrel for my P229 40 s&w. I might only stock my primary caliber but if necessary I have the option to use others.

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