Gotta show off my new toy!

Gotta show off my new toy!

This is a discussion on Gotta show off my new toy! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I'm sure everyone looks forward to their son coming home for a visit, and I'm especially looking forward to this one cause he's bringing ...

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Thread: Gotta show off my new toy!

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    Gotta show off my new toy!

    Well I'm sure everyone looks forward to their son coming home for a visit, and I'm especially looking forward to this one cause he's bringing me my new Kimber Pro Carry II. I opted to try out TruGlo sights. He'll be here the 12th. Got a C.T.A.C. holster on the way for carry. So now folks, I'm about to join the 1911 crowd! By the way he of course had to try it out right away to make sure everything was ok; wouldn't want to deliver a faulty product

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    Very nice! Once you get a chance to take it to the range please post your impressions.
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    That is a good looking piece. Sights are interesting... Can't say as I've seen them with 2 colors before. I would be interested in any comments on how well that works for you.
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    I think I could like those sights - the two color dot principle appeals - certainly with my aging eyes.
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    Nice gun, I think you will like the Kimber. I have had mine for awhile now and have yet to have a single malfunction of any kind....
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    Very nice

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    Would you be mad if i kept it a little longer? You can't be carrying a weapon that has not been fully tested. lol
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    Nice piece, and nice group on the target!

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    Nice way to start down your path to the dark side!
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    Nice sights! Let us know how well they work in dim llight.

    And congratulations of the 1911! You've been assimilated!

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    Nice gun! Looking for the range report!
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    You will love the sights. I ordered a gun cleaning kit and it came with Bright Sights paints for my sights. it is almost like a glue but glows in the dark. the rear are green and the front red. It realy makes a difference when lining up quick shots.

    Nice gun all the way around
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    I picked up a new pistol a few days ago myself; it's a Kel-Tec PLR-16. It should make for some interesting conversation at my gun range when I take it to the "Pistol's Only" shooting area. I got it wednesday and ordered all the optional accessories the next day. Hopefully, they should be here sometime next week and I'll take my new "carry" gun to the range to see how big of a bang I can get. The photo's below are of the base gun and what it will look like when my accessories arrive and I get them all installed. I guess I'll need to change my idea of what a pistol is! BTW, before anyone asks why I would buy one of these, I'll go ahead and say it now; because I wanted to and because I can. Isn't it great to be living in America!!

    I wonder what the instructor would say if I bring my PLR to the range the next time I renew my CCL and have to qualify?
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    I'm about to join the 1911 crowd!

    Nice piece you have there.
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