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Walther PPS

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Thread: Walther PPS

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    Walther PPS

    I am looking for a small 9mm. I was considering a Glock 19 or 26. My wife does not like the lack of safeties (something I consider an advantage in an SD firearm, but gotta find common ground). The Walther PPS popped up on my radar because of the back-strap safety/decocker.

    Are there any PPS owners that would like to let me know what you think? How safe is it without the backstrap? Can a bright, inquisitive kid defeat it?

    Also, I noticed the PPK/S recall thread. Is the PPS included in that?

    Last, on forums elsewhere, I've seen mention of failure to return to battery after 20 to 40 rounds, on new PPSs. I believe that the return spring on the slide was popping out of place. Anyone experience this?


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    PM Siafu...he is a big proponent of the PPS. I think he has one in 9 and 40.
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    The PPS is a good sized gun for CCW, there is not decocker unless this is a new version you have seen. The backstrap safety is really a storage only , a good gun safe or lock would serve much better in that aspect.
    The PPK recall does not include the PPS as it is a different model of gun. No idea on the return spring issue , as I have not had any issues.
    Overall the gun is a good carry piece with a good holster to cover the trigger. It is a bit bit for easy pocket carry but works (albeit with some printing in cargo shorts or causual pants).On the waist my PPS disappears . I wear mine in a high ride appendix position.
    One down side is spare mags are expensive if you want more than the 2 provided by the factory. Recoil is very mangable in the 9mm version and the single stack grip fits well , with a angle similar to a 1911 rather than a Glock .
    I see you are in MI, if you are close or in the N. MI area feel free to PM me, maybe we can get together for you to try mine.
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    I have over 3500 rounds thru my 9mm PPS over the last year. It is accurate and dependable. I have the G26 and G27 but the PPS is much thinner for pocket carry. I don't see much difference in carry safety between the Glocks and the PPS. The backstrap is a storage safety. You can accomplish the same thing by unloading the gun and seperating the ammo. The PPS is NOT included in the PPK recall. Completely different frame and design.
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    I have one in 9mm, very nice, no problems, but no external safety, if that's an issue. I recommend putting on whatever backstrap is most comfortable and leave it on. Dry fire for disassembly and cleaning, just like it was a Glock. I like mine for comfort and concealment.

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    I have mine in .40 cal. Easily concealable, its Walther which means its been around since Hitler himself carried one on his side at times.

    Extremely nice, very accurate. Here is an old post of mine...

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    If you're worried about making a gun safe for storage around kids the backstrap "safety" would probably work OK. It's not meant to be a decocker in the traditional sense of the word. Other than storing the gun without the backstrap on the gun its very Glock-like. I have a Hogue hand-all on mine which makes the backstrap non-removable. It is extremely concealable in an IWB holster but, unless you've got cargo pockets, hard to pocket carry.

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    I own a PPS. I am thinking that I will sell it and purchase a glock 19 for the following reasons:

    1.) Higher capacity in the glock
    2.) Cheaper mags, $20 vs $50
    3.) The weigh nearly the same
    4.) The difference in dimensions isn't great enough to make the glock 19 that more difficult to conceal for me.

    My PPS has been reliable, I bought it used with 3 mags, great gun but I think a double stack 9 is what i'm going for, and the glock 19 seems to fit the bill the best due to its dimensions and light weight. Also I think a double stack 9 is a better choice for home defense than a single stack (for me).

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    Thank you all for your responses. I am going to have to make another trip to the local dealer and give it another look. This does sound like something I may like for EDC. I like the chambered round indicator also.

    Rocky: I really appreciate the offer. I'm in the Lansing MI area, so it might be a bit of a drive.

    Here are the forums where the failures were discussed

    http : // concealedcarryforum.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=954 (remove the spaces to make the link work).

    The thread is from 2007, and it doesn't sound like anyone here is having the same problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mountaineer View Post
    If you want a decocker - look at the P99 compact A/S model.

    I have 1 and like it a lot. It is Glock 26 sized.

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    The PPS has always interested me. Something along the same line that I have always carried is the Kahr P9. Look in to the P9 and see what you think.

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    The backstrap safety is clearly just a storage action; just separate the magazine! VEry accurate and very comfortable; much more comfortable than my Glock 19. Your wife will be very happy with a PPS and will feel better with it versus a 19.


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