What's the deal you couldn't pass up.

What's the deal you couldn't pass up.

This is a discussion on What's the deal you couldn't pass up. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering what's the best buy you've found. I know a guy that wants to liquidate his deceased fathers safe(he was a gunsmith). I ...

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Thread: What's the deal you couldn't pass up.

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    What's the deal you couldn't pass up.

    I was wondering what's the best buy you've found.
    I know a guy that wants to liquidate his deceased fathers safe(he was a gunsmith). I don't think the guy knows the value of them or if he really cares as long as he sells them.
    He's getting a list together for me.
    I just missed a Browning sweet 16 for $500 that's worth a grand at least, he sold it yesterday. I really don't have the cash to make a lot of purchases right now,but what else holds it's value like firearms and I can't think of any where where you can get a $1 for .50 ......and no I'm not giving out his name and number..sorry.

    I need to convince my wife that gun purchase's need to be on the investment side of the budget

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    Guy I knew divorced. He had a Sig P220 Equinox he wanted to offload. Got it for $450 and it had only been fired once at the range (50 rounds).
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    Near St. Lou-istan, MO
    S&W 5906 when there were only 4 factory NIB left in the entire nation, for $400 apiece.

    Pristine S&W 3913, for $375, at a pawn shop in St. Louis. I called 22 pawn/gun shops before I found it.

    CS45, excellent condition, for $425.

    I can keep going...

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    Feb 2008
    Damascus, Arkansas
    Bought a Marlin 39a in excellent condition, made in 1959, for $125 two years ago, Guy had inherited it from his grandfather and wanted to sell it because he didn't like guns. Was glad to help him out.
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    Factory refurb G21SF for 429.00

    yea it's in my safe
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    I purchased my Walther PPS 9mm for $450 used. It still was like new in the box, down to not having the inside wear points of the slide missing any bluing. I seriously don't think the previous owner fired more than a mag through it.(if that)
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    The deals I probably couldn't pass up always seem to be gone when I get there.

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    A guy down the road from me called and needed some money for some kind of debt. Had to have it that evening. Offered to sell me a couple of guns. Went down to check them out and ended up with a;
    M1 Garand
    Smith & Wesson Mod 29
    Marlin Lever in 444 caliber

    All for 550 dollars.

    Had the numbers run and no none were stolen. Still have all three.
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    Colt HBAR 6721 LE/Govt Carbine NIB...865.00 OTD. Smith and Wesson 3913...50-100 rounds fired Brandnew Galco FED Paddle and Matching mag carrier for 389.
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    Took advantage of a deal from HK for airline and cargo pilots - a USP .40 compact LEM for $545 shipped. (same firearm the gov. issues specially trained and armed pilots (FFDO's) ). Now if I could just scrape together some money and find the right deal on a 1911...

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    Bought a pair of Smith SW99s on here for I think $200 each. A Smith 410 MINT in box for $225 outside of Gander. I was lucky enough to be standing there when they offered him $150.00 on trade against a Kimber that was $200 over retail already. A sig 226 years ago for $300 from a guy walking around at a gun show. I've been pretty lucky I guess.
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    Take her to a gun show, watch a dealer buy a gun from someone for $350, then turn around and put it on his table for $550... and sell it within an hour. I've seen that happen many times.

    But then, she may expect you to resell it within an hour.

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    edgemoor ,sc
    traded a stoeger 12 ga o/u for a 4" nickle colt python .

    also bought a 4" blued python for $400

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    Best deal I got was a Maverick 88 for 100 bucks. My dad though got a Colt Officers ACP 1911 for 400bucks and a Grendal P-12.
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    The bottom one, a Smith and Wesson Mod. 19-4 "pinned and recessed", in near mint condition for $380.00. Without me even asking, they came down from $400.00 just to make me happier.

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