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This is a discussion on New Guy w/ Questions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by ntg Just a bump...can anyone tell me about all that I have to do if I put a 9mm barrel on the ...

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Thread: New Guy w/ Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by ntg View Post
    Just a bump...can anyone tell me about all that I have to do if I put a 9mm barrel on the 27? Extractor and recoil spring change out too?

    A ball park price of doing the conversion would also be nice.
    Thanks in advance.
    Nope, the only thing you'll need is the .40 to 9mm conversion barrel, glock 9mm magazines, and of course, 9mm ammo. You can find the barrels for approximately $100, and the magazine will run you $20-25 on average. Just make sure you're getting a conversion barrel, not just a G26 barrel. Lone Wolf supposedly makes a very nice one. That's all you'll need.

    Mind you, I'm just going by the description given on , I've not converted one personally. However, I'm sure if anything else was needed, they'd be the first to try and sell it to you. Lol

    However, here's where it gets a little trickier, is the conversion for carry or just for the range? If you're planning on turning it into a full time 9mm for home and carry, it might be in your best interests to go ahead and swap the extractor and ejector for 9mm ones.

    If you just want 9mm for the range, I wouldn't worry about swapping them.
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    Buy the 40 caliber.. For a Glock 400 rounds means it’s hardly broke in. The only thing I’d recommend is to put the pinky extender on the magazine; I have it on my G26 and love it. I’d also recommend buying a quality leather holster.

    As to caliber: 40 caliber vs 9mm difference are minimal, in both recoil, and ballistics. Of the non magnums, it’s more important which SD ammo you use that caliber.

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    I hope you got the 27!
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    I'd buy that 27 so fast your head would spin. 400 rounds through it ? Thank the guy for breaking in your new gun. 400 rounds is a function check.

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    Buy the Glock. I've got a G26 and G27 but if I could buy a G27 for that price, I'd have another one in my collection.
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    Thanks all.

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    I'm not a big glock fan, but for the price I would get it. Try it out, you might fall in love.
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    So Ntg, did you get it??????
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    446 :( So I work for a local county and the S.O. was upgrading duty weapons. The 27 belonged to a semi-retired detective that primarily does our polygraphs part-time. The company that was doing the change out had a clause that was a little sticky requiring the officers to sign a statement that the old 22s & 27s were going to stay in LE hands and be used for LE. The Sheriff didn't like the wording and told everyone that no one is getting to "buy back" their I'm out as well. I was leaning toward the XD9sc anyway, but liked this deal no doubt.

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