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THINKING SIG P238 for wifey's new CCW

This is a discussion on THINKING SIG P238 for wifey's new CCW within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was looking for a carry piece for my wife also...after do some research...we settled for the new Ruger LCR with laser. It is good ...

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Thread: THINKING SIG P238 for wifey's new CCW

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    I was looking for a carry piece for my wife also...after do some research...we settled for the new Ruger LCR with laser. It is good for pocket (with a pocket holster) and purse carry. Just my 2 cents...that P238 sure looks nice.
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    I have the blackwood. Nate is making me a holster for it now. I bought it knowing my pinky would hang off but I should have some mags to solve that problem in a couple days. I gave 589.00 for mine plus tax after some talk.
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    For the money, I'd suggest a LCP, and a Laserguard...with money left over for ammo.

    She needs to shoot them herself, and decide.

    Don't be swayed by nice looks - a gun is a tool, and if she ever had to use it (God forbid) it would likely spend a lot of time as evidence.

    The number of people killed because they didn't have "enough gun" is dwarfed by those who had none at all.

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    It looks like an interesting gun, but I'd wait until they're out on the market a year or more...just to get the bugs out.
    I'd also make sure the 'boss' picks it out herself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I'd also make sure the 'boss' picks it out herself.
    SHE DID.

    oh no...... she couldn't pick the BASE one for $550.......she wants the $700-800+ "SE" one.............

    ah well, she worth it!
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    Might I suggest Corbon DPX (380 AUTO 80 GR. DPX 1050 FPS/ 196 FTLBS) for her new SIG if it'll feed and shoot it!
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    I have a P238 dummy gun and I love the way it feels. I keep checking my small gun shop for a chance to either look one over or possibly shoot one. I don't think I could completely form an opinion just holding a shaped chunk of

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    I bought the first one in stock from Cabela's in Owatonna, MN. Two tone with night sights, $550 plus tax.

    Shot three types of ammo, including hollow points, about 80 rounds total, never a malfunction EXCEPT with Wolf, and it regularly failed with that crap.

    Shoots "big", meaning it feels like a bigger pistol than it is, when I compare it to my shooting of wife's Ruger LCP. The sights are excellent, and standing freestyle in the hands of an excellent shooter puts out groups of 2" at 7 yards. With me shooting it's like the picture below at 10 yards (circle is 3").

    As for carry ammo, read some info on the Hornady Critical Defense ammo. The ballistics really help out the .380 and .38 Special. I got a box of .38 from Midway USA and am on backorder for the .380. It's breakthrough technology and I highly recommend it for carry.

    OK, now for this "cocked and locked debate". 1911 carriers feel comfy in that condition. The fact that is in the pocket really isn't a factor that should rule it out. I pocket carry my P238 cocked and locked all the time, in a Mika Pocket Holster, and keep anything else out of that pocket, including my hand! The safety has a positive click (some say "schnick") to it and would be hard to accidentally disengage. And, to get a negligent discharge the trigger would also have to be pulled. I just don't see a problem here.

    My wife alternately carries an S&W 642 and a Ruger LCP. She loves the SIG P238, but I am discouraging her from carrying it simply due to the need to disengage a safety before firing. While she is competent with her two handguns, I don't think she is up to making this transition into possible confusion during a time when you need that firearm the most. I would discourage a new carrier from starting with the SIG P238 even if they handle it and love it. Start with a double action only pistol or a revolver...that's my take.

    I love this little pistol, and don't regret being an early buyer who participated in the recall. Stuff breaks and failures occur...while most weaknesses should be discovered early, SIG stands behind it, so I don't worry. I'd give much different advice were it a Taurus product....

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    Our LGS is selling them 549. Granted its not the bi-tone but thats way too much money at 650. Definitely wheel and deal and even hit GB.
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    The male chauvinist pig in me says, women = revolvers.
    Sorry, I know it is not politically correct but pulling slides and flipping safeties in an emergency VS pointing and pulling a trigger is a no brainer.
    My wife is well educated and very intelligent and she has shot "my"guns (autos) hundreds of times, but if she ever NEEDS to use a firearm it will be a 642.
    Sorry ladies.

    If your wife can change the oil in all of your vehicles without help, this may not apply to you and or her.

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    One thing that keeps me away from the .380 is this: I cannot reliably find and afford ammo for it. Now I know that's not every area of the country, but it is one of things that sticks in my head regarding any firearm I purchase nowadays.

    While I admit I have no experience with searching for .380 for any weapon I've ever owned, these horror stories I hear about people spending $500 for 500 rounds of Aguila, Wolf, Sellier & Bellot, etc, have really shyed me away from purchasing one as a BUG or as a warm weather EDC.

    But if that's not a concern for you, she's comfortable with the firearm, shoots it well, and most importantly, it's what SHE wants, I'd say get it. Hard to go wrong with a Sig. And what's the saying? "A .380 in the hand is better than a larger caliber that's out of reach."
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    A friend bought a new black one a couple days ago for $469 plus tax at Autrey's Armory north of Fayetteville, Ga. He says that it has practically no recoil and he's an experienced pistol shooter. In the last month or so they've sold 'em as fast as they can get 'em. One of the guys said they've sold about 30 of 'em.

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    Convince her to get the basic grips on the 2-tone version and then buy THESE aluminum grips:


    We have a friend who has one and I've shot it. He paid around $500.00 out the door for it. He didn't get the one with night sights, but even so -- the standard sights are great. I was able to regain a great site picture very quickly for followup shots.

    It functions like a Colt Mustang with the same kind of thumb safety and mag release and trigger. Regular Colt Mustang mags are interchangable with the Sig.

    Racking the slide is very easy. It has a very smooth trigger pull and has a very short reset. The spec sheet says it has 5Lb trigger, but it doesn't feel that heavy. Even though it is lightweight, it has very minimal recoil.

    We also have a friend, Robert Meco who is making very nice leather pocket holsters for them -- and is providing the exclusively through the site. He will also take custom orders, so if she wanted something different, he would work with her.

    Aside from the controversy of whether a .380 is "big enough" and aside from the difficulty finding that caliber ammo these days -- I LIKED IT. It's very easy to manage, accurate, lightweight, easily conceal-able, minimal recoil, break down and re-assembly was not bad. What is not to like about it?!
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    I've got the blackwood model. No problems at all with it after about 200 rounds. I paid $700 at the AR Bunker in Newnan GA. The only downside is the cost of .380 right now. Cheap ball is around $23 bucks for 50 rounds. That makes it a little expensive to shoot. I carry it cocked and locked. Even if the safety were to disengage, you still have to pull the trigger. I carry in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster and a Desantis Insider IWB holster. No problem with it at all. The gun has almost no recoil compared to my Sig 239 in 9mm. It is very accurate and I almost forget I'm carrying because it is so thin and light. If you are uncomfortable carrying cocked and locked, just carry it empty cocked and locked until you feel comfortable. The safety is very positive. I could not imagine accidentally disengaging it. Here is poor cell phone camera shot of mine. Member Member

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    Here is a ~35min video review on Youtube that covers a lot of the aspects of the P238, as well as comparisons to the Colt Mustang and other pistols: click.
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