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Suggestions in 22s.

This is a discussion on Suggestions in 22s. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Too bad S&W doesn't still make the 2213. I have one and it's a blast to shoot. Just took it to the range yesterday in ...

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Thread: Suggestions in 22s.

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    Too bad S&W doesn't still make the 2213. I have one and it's a blast to shoot. Just took it to the range yesterday in fact.

    (not my pics)

    I also have the S&W 317 revolver which is fun too. I still can't believe I paid what I did for it though. They are kind of pricy for a .22.

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    I have a Beretta Bobcat, which is a lot of fun just to plink with at the range, and I also throw it in my pocket if I'm just going to the store.

    The great feature of the Bobcat is that you don't necessarily have to rack the slide. It has a tip-up barrel, so you just place the 8th round right in the barrel, so your good to go double action on the first shot.
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    Lots of info 22 rimfires. If for no other reason get one because of the fun factor. There can be reliability issues with rimfire. Sometimes it is the gun. I have 10/22 that is the champion of failure to fire. I know I need to take it down and iron the chamber, I just haven't got around to it. I saw alot votes for single six. Great gun. Have one, love it. For the requested purpose a Bearcat would be a little better in my opinion. A double action Smith and Wesson would be an even better choice. Quicker reloads and available with nine shots. Double action makes a better choice for SD. I think you have a better bullet selection with 22LR vs 22MAG. I need to do some testing before I would say 22MAG has an advantage power wise in a short barrel. If anyone has done short barrel testing on 22LR and 22MAG I would like to hear the results. I am seeing a velocity drop to 960 fps from a 5 1/2 barrel compared to 1280 from a rifle. I have been thinking of gettin a two or three inch barrel 22 but want to find out if the MAG has much of an advantage from a short barrel before I get tied to the higher priced ammo and smaller bullet selection.
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    i have noticed myself alot of those that are not fond of the 22.....
    but i have a naa 22 mag with a folding grip that works really great for me..
    Ruger LCP 380
    NAA 22 mini mag w/holster grip
    S&W 38 model 10
    NRA member

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    I'd think of a NAA mini as well...and get both cyl (22lr and 22mag). I'd avoid the "Earl" model if you want it for a bug, because of the length. The "Earl" would be great fun for plinking thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    Well, I think you either want a BUG or a critter shooter!

    Best compromise would be a 2" J Frame S&W in .22LR to me.

    Maybe a S&W 317?
    That's nice......Wish we could own one.
    Tell me how many of your yankee dollars would that cost???

    Tint Bob (UK)

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    I had a .22 beretta. very reliable and fun to shoot. I used to take it with me when on the bike trails. Used it once for a dog which attached me. The .22 changed his mind, literally. (Yes, I did report it)

    Cheap to run.
    practically no recoil, great for training, or a smaller person to use.
    very small size (concealibility)
    Reliabile, well made guns are relatively inexpensive

    lower "stopping" power ( But will kill)
    Some semi-autos are ammo choosey.

    I have a stainless single 6. great plinking and range gun. With the .22 mag, quite powerful, would work as home defense, however, shot placement is critical. Not very concealable.

    What I would recommend is find a revolver which is available in .22 and in .38, like the Smiths, Taurus, etc. Buy both. Then you have economy and fun in the 22, and the .38 would have some serious stopping power to a BG. revolvers are easy to learn, and fast to get into action. No safeties, no racking a slide, etc, all you have to do is point it and pull the trigger. If it don't go bang, for whatever reason, pull the trigger again. Brings up a fresh round for firing.

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    I have had good usage from my Walther P-22. Small, but very reliable.

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    I have the NAA .22LR, Walther TPH, Walther P22, S&W 63, Iver Johnson TP-22 and a High Standard Sentenal .22 mag as small .22's. I can only recommend the S&W J-frame and the old Iver Johnson. The only issues with these 2 are the occassional dud round. I would move up to a .380 or .32. I don't trust .22 LR's - You do get duds on rimfires
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    I bought a black Ruger Mark III .22 target pistol to shoot! It is an accurate fun gun and reasonably cheap, both to buy and to shoot. But...if I had bought, or might buy, that pretty shiny stainless steel model...with those pretty wooden grips and ruby-red Ruger emblem embedded within them, would I shoot it? It holds ten Long Rifle bullets that most invasive rude intruders would not laugh at, because they also run from "mouse guns" that are house guns. Oh, it may be a little too big in size and too small in bore to conceal and carry as a defense weapon, and the front target sight might snag on clothing or a holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theotherlis View Post
    Hey all,

    I'm going to be shopping 'very soon' for a small 22 pistol. I know those aren't particularly popular around here, but I'm hoping some of you have had some experience with these to at least offer input on the choices.. I am going with this size because I want something that I can use for: 1) plinking 2) tiny critter hunting and 3) ultra-tiny concealing for when I just can't do anything bigger and possibly the most common 4) BUG.

    So I've been looking at the following:

    Beretta Bobcat
    Taurus 22
    Walther P22

    So you can see my price range with that, as well.

    I'm curious of any particularly good/bad experiences with these, or suggestions of a different brand in the same general size/price. My personal brand experience thus far is limited to Glock and S&W, so I have no idea. If all other things are equal, I'm ultimately going to go with the one that feels best. (Of which I am leaning towards the Taurus)

    I suppose I should note that I've tried out a few of this size in various calibres and find them to fit my hands pretty well and don't have any problem with their tiny-ness. I have small hands and strong arms. ;)
    Well, let me tell ya what I think. Wife and I have been doing our club's steel challenge matches most of the year now, and a lot of folks bring their pistols in 22lr. We've seen a world of disappointments with jams and miss-feeds and 30 second times just because they won't work stage after stage without a good cleaning or lube. This past Saturday I saw a man with a Walther pistol in 22lr for the first time. He did go through all six stages without a hitch with it and minimal care. That says a lot to me right there. If I were ever in the market for a 22lr pistol, I would seriously give the Walther a look first. It is also a very nice looking pistol...very appealing.

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