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Is the Glock G27 for me?

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Thread: Is the Glock G27 for me?

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    Jun 2009
    Another vote for the G27.
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    If you ever had any question about the accuracy of a Glock 27, Hickok's videos will answer them. Just an amazingly well designed and built gun.

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    I would do another vote for an XD sub compact, or a Glock 23. I have medium to large size hands and can't get a decent grip on a 26/27. I figure if you are putting a mag extention on, might as well carry a little more firepower with a 23. The XD however fits my hands very well and is near in size to the 27. I can get almost my whole hand on a subcompact XD with the short magazine.

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    Arlington, TX
    I second the G36 for CC. It has obnoxious recoil but not like a magnum and it is easy to train to a high level of accuracy. I CC with a 21SF mainly because I dont like the grip of the 36 and like having 13, 230 grain Federal HSTs at the ready. In my view a G36 is not more comfortable than a 21SF although it does conceal better.

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    Senior Member Array redbird's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
    Murfreesboro, TN
    The Glock 27 is for everyone.

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    Oct 2007
    I am on week 2 of carrying my G27. I love this gun! When I first got my CCW I had a Bersa .380, then went to a S&W M&P-9c, then went to an XD 40sc, then went to a Colt Defender, and now finally settled on a Glock 27. As you can see by my prior carry guns, I tried hard to not go Glock, but in the end in was simply unavoidable. Thi G27 is by far my favorite carry gun of the bunch I tried, well favorite only after my J-Frame. I carried my buddies G19 for a few days and I think that there is a bit of a difference between the sizes of the compact and subcompact glocks. If you go G27, pinky-extensions are overrated and negate the subcompact concept. I highly recommend and use GAP floorplates. The are awesome and make the G27 so much easier for us with larger hands.
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    I've shot both the 27 and the 23, and liked them both. I liked the 23 a little better, and ended up buying one. I am happy with my decision. I don't like the 23 anymore, I now love it. I have a Kahr CW9, which is a little smaller and lighter than the G23. To me, the recoil of the Kahr in 9mm and the G23 in .40 is very similar. I tried an XD40sc, but it felt top-heavy to me. I would certainly not discount it, as it may feel perfect for you. Rent them at the range, shoot them, and pick the one you like best. Any of the 3 will serve you well.
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    thanks, guys. I'm thinking that the G27 is the one for me. I've held them all, now it's just off to the range to fire a few rounds.

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    Cleveland, Ohio vicinity
    G27 is just great.
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    South Florida
    I plan on renting several different guns this weekend. One of those is the G23. I know it is not ideal but does anybody ankle carry the G23?

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