Range Report: Bersa .380

Range Report: Bersa .380

This is a discussion on Range Report: Bersa .380 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I finally made it to the range. I bought the gun (Bersa Thunder .380) a week and a half ago and this past Friday ...

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Thread: Range Report: Bersa .380

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    Range Report: Bersa .380

    Well I finally made it to the range. I bought the gun (Bersa Thunder .380) a week and a half ago and this past Friday I made it out to the range. Man I like the way this gun shoots. The trigger is a little bit of a long pull, but I'm sure I will get used to that.

    I don't know how to post pics so here is the break down of my shots. Plus I'm new to this and don't have the target in front of me (just a pic and I can't read the writing), so I will probably list the target wrong, but I will give it a shot. [no pun intended].

    Using a silhouette target @ 15 yards (those on the line I counted in the outer circle)

    BULLS EYE: 9 (circle with the X [2 in the very center circle with the X] and next circle - no #)
    Circle (area) #9: 12
    Circle (area) #8: 7
    Circle (area) #7: 3
    Outside circles (area): 1

    Planned Headshots:
    6 face hits (2 between the eyes, 1 in each eye, 1 center forehead, 1 lft. cheek, 1 between rt. eye and ear)
    2 neck shots
    3 misses (all with my Brothers 9mm - had a harder pull and I was pulling to the right as I fired. 4th shot hit - one of the ones mentioned above).
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    Good shooting...Keep up the practice...
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    Nothing wrong with that!

    Keep practicing to keep your groups as small as possible!
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    Good start! Keep up the good work.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Sounds like it's shoots pretty good. Get ya the Hornady Critical Defense rounds for that puppy. IMO one of, if not the best for the .380 caliber.

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    Friend of mine just bought a Firestorm/Bersa 380 this week.
    Don't want to hijack this thread but........what's the difference between Bersa and Firestorm?
    Just curious..............

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    Sounds like the Bersa's shooting like it should! Keep it up!
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    I believe Bersa is imported whole, while Firestorm is assembled here of Bersa parts. Same weapon, though, if I remember correctly (corrections welcome if my prodigeous... pro... prodijeous... impressive intellect was busy elsewhere).
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    I've owned two Bersa .380 myself and like them a lot.
    In fact it was the positive experience I had with them that made
    me pick up a new Bersa UC9 Pro last week.
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    Sounds like the way my Bersa shoots!! However I like the P232 much better, but a lot more $$$ For a good SD round check out the Buffalo Bore Gold Dots, very impressive and the only 380acp I carry.

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    I have carried a Bersa 380 on and off for the last two years and have shot around 1,000 rounds through it. It can be a little picky about the ammo but have settled in on Cor Bon DPX for SD round and S & B and Federal for practice rounds. These have all proven to be relaible.
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    I've had my Bersa DLX .380 for a couple of years....put a lot of rounds down range with it....never had a problem. In fact, it is the only gun I own that has never had a single problem. Even my trusty Mil-Spec has had ONE FTF in the 1000s of rounds I've put through it. But the Bersa hasn't even had that.

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    Nice shooting. Good choice, that Bersa.
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