Beretta Storm 9mm

Beretta Storm 9mm

This is a discussion on Beretta Storm 9mm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Im thinking of purchasing this guy any thoughts good or bad i would carry this as well. suggestions on a holster for it. best price ...

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Thread: Beretta Storm 9mm

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    Beretta Storm 9mm

    Im thinking of purchasing this guy any thoughts good or bad i would carry this as well. suggestions on a holster for it. best price ive seen is 515.00

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    Are you talking about the Beretta PX4 Storm? If so I like them to a certain extent. I would trust my life with it. But they are very top heavy. The slide is quite beefy. If you have a mag loaded to its full capacity it helps level things out. But with that being said for a pistol with a polymer frame it is pretty heavy all together. I do like the fact that it has front and back serrations on the slide though. If it was my 500 and something dollars I would go with a Glock model 19. Just my useless two cents worth.
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    I know a guy who competes with's slow or he is, not sure which...<g>

    Immediate impressions--reliable. Accurate (he's hit every 'no-shoot' available). Again, probably less to do with the gun than the shooter. <g>

    I've always been a closet fan of Beretta--my first 'real' carry gun was a Beretta. That was from a Taurus auto and an S&W 6913, so it may be incorrect, but to me Beretta has always represented the revelation that "this is why I spend more on good guns". The Taurus was cheap and the S&W was used,but the 8040 and the M96--those were MINE.


    Ps--And i've since gone to HK and GLOCK....LOL
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    I looked at them before I chose my G26. I already had a G19 and was looking for something smaller. They did seem a little heavy, but well put together. They seemed to compare more to the G19, than the 26. If they fit you, go for it...
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    The px4 40 tops my list for my next purchase. I have a cougar and the rotating barrel in the storm is the same design. If it acts like the cougar, it will be in my carry rotation.
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    I've been looking into 9mms. I shot one, about a half a clip, and wasn't overly impressed with it. I think they are real good quality, but the feel of it wasn't to exciting. I shot a FNP9 a glock 19 and a XD9sc the same day and i'd say I like the XD the most and the 19 and FNP are a toss up (liked and dislike the two for different reasons.). For what it's worth the Cougar is it's predecessor in many ways. A cougar used can be had for less and a new one (made through Stoeger) can be had new for about $400. I hear lots of good things about the Cougar. Haven't been able to shoot a Cougar yet.

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    Ok, here goes my $.02. While I don't have the 9mm, I do have the Px4 Storm in a .40. I love the gun. It is my daily carry. Fits very well in my big hands. The mag release is in the correct position for my thumb and I find the fit and finish are excellent. Very accurate, easy to shoot. I have had absolutely no problems with this weapon. I even took it to a tactical class at USShooting Academy. For the weekend, we shot approximately 800 rounds and not one failure. Was even able to hit our target on the first day from 65 yards out. Man that made me feel good.

    Bought this one at Bass Pro. Price was a little high but they were the only ones that had it. Shortly after purchasing, I did find it at Academy for about $60 less than I paid. That was about a two week span and I "needed" that weapon. At least that was how I justified it.

    Hope this helps. I don't think you can go wrong. But, hey, it has to fit you and your budget.
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    I bought a PX4 in 9mm as my first gun a couple of months ago. I didn't care for the slide safety so I got the Type C - a constant action trigger with no safety. It's decently heavy and breaks clean, also fits my hand like a glove.

    It is a bit top heavy, but with a fully loaded magazine it balances out very well. Overall, I like how it's a slight bit heavier.

    Its way more accurate than I am and is pretty soft on the recoil.

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    Can't go wrong with Beretta wish I still had mine.

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    My PX4 Storm is a .40 and I've never had any problems for several years and atleast a couple thousand rounds. It also happens to be my EDC in a Crossbreed Supertuck holster. I have a Galco leather holster that is OWB, but I prefer the Crossbreed.

    I can't say enough about how much I LOVE this firearm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turk1800 View Post
    Im thinking of purchasing this guy any thoughts good or bad i would carry this as well. suggestions on a holster for it. best price ive seen is 515.00
    I have an XD9SC ....... and have looked at these for another gun..
    check with | Indoor Shooting Range and Gun Shop

    they had some alot cheaper than that ..
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