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Accidental Discharge: What I can learn from this.

This is a discussion on Accidental Discharge: What I can learn from this. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I agree with the others and will just add, as you stated, you are so very lucky on so many levels that I wont waist ...

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Thread: Accidental Discharge: What I can learn from this.

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    I agree with the others and will just add, as you stated, you are so very lucky on so many levels that I wont waist your time mentioning um. Glad you and no one else was injured. My one rule that I always live by when it comes to firearms is. Assume that they're always loaded and you should be able to avoid the ND.

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    As mentioned,.. This thread took guts,.. I think I would have just fixed the walls and never told anyone.. LOL.. But that is me,... Ok... What can be learned..

    1) Your human,.. No denying that now,. I know,. I know,. It stinks, but be thankful we can learn and no-one got hurt,.. I'm sure you'll never do that again..

    2) Always double check and triple check before ever putting your finger on the trigger,. ALWAY!!!... No exception,.

    3) Always point the muzzle at something like the floor even after double checking or triple checking,. .I'm not a fan of pointing and dry firing your weapon.. That is what the range or desert is for... If you want to just dry fire,. Go do it at the range,...

    4) When you load your weapon,.. Put in in the holster,.. Never just lay it down. Never holster a unloaded weapon, and always hoster the loaded weapon.. ,.. Just another safety check..

    So very glad no-one got hurt,.. This could have been really bad,. Your VERY lucky..

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    Scary. Thanks for sharing this. While even dry firing it is good to still follow the gun safetly rule "never point your gun at something you do not wish to destroy" I dry fire into my closet which has a garrage and a brick wall behind it

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    I think my dad said it best. " You will never pick up an unloaded gun ".
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    You may want to do this: when unloaded, leave the slide back not racked forward. Still check to see if loaded anyway.

    Glad you are okay!
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    Sorry to hear about your close call. Hopefully the lesson learned will prevent such a mistake in the future.

    Most everyone has a preferred method to ensure no ADs/NDs. Regarding dry firing, I only dry fire my weapons immediately after they have been disassembled, cleaned, re-lubed, re-assembled, and the cleaning kit still spread out on the table. After dry firing the weapons, I first put the cleaning kit away then immediately reload those that I rotate into my EDC routine. From that point on Rule No. 1 is always the driving factor. My method has worked for me for more than 55 years without an incident. The main idea is to develop a habit that ensures a safe procedure.
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    Welcome to the club.

    Now go forth and don't do it again.


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    Everyone makes mistakes and no one likes to admit it so it really took some guts to say/write it. I'm glad no one got hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojust View Post
    Yikes. Now I'm off to the store for spackle.
    Or maybe some paint for the exterior and get some caulk too. You may need regular drywall mud to repair some of it. Oh, and dont forget the plumbing leak. Sure would be nice to know "exactly" where that bullet ended up ... wouldnt it? Maybe a little touch up paint for the neighbors fence.

    I'm not gonna criticize your "dry" firing episode, everybody else has done well already. However, I can sure help you with your home repairs.
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    Well ... I'll admit to something that neither the OP or anyone else has so far in this discussion: I would have had to put on a clean/dry pair of underwear if that had happened to me!

    I'm glad it turned out no worse than a few holes in the walls.

    "Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid." - John Wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by BikerRN View Post
    Welcome to the club.

    Now go forth and don't do it again.

    Yep. I've been a firearms instructor since 1990 and been handling and shooting guns since 1967. Had a ND on Easter Sunday 3 years ago prior to an IPSC match using a CZ-75, which I sold soon after the ND. Lucky I did not kill my wife or grandaughter who had just left the kitchen and would of been directly in the bullets path. The WWB 115 gr. FMJ bullet penetrated 4 walls, 2 shower walls, a kitchen cabinet frame, a door jam, a 2X4 and exited the house. I threw up afterwards and thank God daily for sparing their lives due to my stupidity.

    Since then I Triple check my weapon to ensure it is empty then load purple snap caps into the chambers while in the garage. Practice my dry firing onto 4 level 3 ballistic vests hung on the wall.

    I have two other friends who are highly experienced LEO firearms instructors who have made the same mistake. One was shooting at a black bird from inside the house and shot through his picture window. The other shot Dr. Phil last year on his big buck flat screen. Both are also SWAT team members.

    Familiararity breeds complacency. Semi auto's are easier to screw the pooch with. I've now went back to packing my old 2.5" model 19 and have become super vigilant when handling any weapon.

    I'm very glad no one was killed with your ND. They can happen to ANYONE!
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    How long were your ears ringing?
    Glad nothing important got hurt.

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    Well thank God that no one was hurt! I am willing to bet that you are now safer with your firearm than anyone known to man. :)

    Here's to the rest of life without another ND.
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    Glad you are ok. Always, always assume your gun is loaded. Anytime any gun leaves my hand it goes through the same check. Drop the magazine and lock the slide open, I look for daylight down the barrel and stick my finger up against the inside of the barrel. Again, I am glad you are fine..
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    Glad you weren't hurt, your and Sportserguy's post will also show you the penetration of said rounds if you use your handgun for home defense.

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