So... What are the women on here carrying?

This is a discussion on So... What are the women on here carrying? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm looking for a gun for my wife and wanted to know what other women like so i know where to start my search. Also ...

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Thread: So... What are the women on here carrying?

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    So... What are the women on here carrying?

    I'm looking for a gun for my wife and wanted to know what other women like so i know where to start my search. Also any advice you other ladies might have for her would be great. I plan on getting her to a range and renting several different guns for her to try out so we know what she likes best but it would be nice to narrow the field before we go.

    Thanks all.

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    After many hours or trying every type and caliber of handgun the wife picked out the Walther P99C 9mm. She can shoot it well and can strip it down and get it back together with no problems.


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    I have found that I really, really don't like shooting guns that are 9mm or larger. Something about the "woomph" from it that just doesn't agree with me. Maybe she'll be fine with it, maybe she won't.. would be good to know for her sake. (Which is to say, I hope she doesn't receive too much pressure to stick to a single particular calibre, she should go with what she shoots best.)

    I've been looking at the LCP and I really like it. What appeals to me is being relatively comfortable to shoot (I have pretty little hands - actually found the LCP with pinky extension to be uncomfortable) as well as super easy to hide whatever I deem fit. Unlike most guys I know that carry, I can't just stick it IWB on my belt and go - given that most days I don't wear a belt and it'd look kinda silly on a belt over a dress. ;)

    The Walther is nice, I'll agree with that one. Definitely check it out.

    I know a lot of the guys around here love their Glocks but I've never felt I could really conceal one comfortably (too blocky and bulky).. but again.. just me. Everybody is different.

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    My wife's favorite is her Taurus 85 .38 spl. Ultra-Lite with Hogue Monogrips.

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    My wife likes the M&P 45c and shes deadly with it
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    My wife has very small hands also and her favorite is a 642. She doesn't carry, except around the house, and finds that the 642 in a Mr. Softy (High Noon) is very comfortable for her appendix style without a belt.
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    I realize that shopping for a gun can be a daunting task and we (women) approach it just like shopping for any thing else....the first one we lay our hands on may be the perfect weapon but frankly what woman ever buys the first of anything she tries?!

    We may very well wind up going back and purchasing it but we can never just buy the first thing we try! And in light of that I'd suspect that part of your wanting to "narrow the field" is purely out of self-preservation from the "shopping experience"???

    Seriously though, just let her try anything and everything the range has to offer no matter what the caliber. And once she finds the caliber she likes be prepared to start all over when it comes time to try holsters and various carry methods!

    As for your original question, my EDC is a Bersa .380 granted it may not be the most powerful caliber but it is the weapon I practice with weekly and with it's shorter relatively narrow grip it is quite easy to conceal on my body type. Your wifes body type and shape will definitely influence her carry method.
    I have carried hubbys XD .40 compact and while the bit longer barrel (4" on the XD vs 3.5" on my Bersa) wasn't any harder to conceal, the larger grip on the XD was. Which is unfortunate for me (but good for hubby) because I really the way it handles and shoots.

    Might I suggest your wife take a look at Cornered Cat it is an absolutely wonderful site and quite informative!

    Just remember, your patience through this process will be greatly rewarded with a happy wife and thus a happy and harmonious home!
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    What ever she wants is the correct answer!

    Take her to a gun show for touch and feel with all the handguns. This will help her narrow it down base on how they feel. Go shoot the ones if you can to get a good feel. Don't buy her something without doing this unless you just want a new gun for yourself and wife.

    My wife love her Bersa Thunder 380 and a Model 15 K-frame.

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    Two things to consider, the weapon itself and how it conceals.
    Some women don't care to dress around the gun, and that is something to factor into the decision.
    Me, I don't mind dressing around mine and really didn't have to make much of a wardrobe change. In the warmer weather concealing under lighter weight clothing is harder than the colder months when we wear heavier things. Consider how your wife dresses and if she will be willing to change her clothing style to conceal a weapon.
    In the warmer months I find my Kimber is thinner and flatter, thus easier to conceal than my revolvers. But the revolvers are my preferred carry guns when I can hide them.
    Her figure will tend to be part of the ease or difficulty in concealing a weapon as well, curvy shapes are harder to conceal longer guns depending on where she plans to carry. My figure problem is a short torso and the key to solving that is a conbination of a low riding holster and lower rise pants to position the gun where it hides best. Each body shape will present it's own challenges and you'll have to find out what works best for har particular shape.
    Hands will play a part in the decision as well. I have small hands but I need something with a fairly rounded grip to fit my palm. She may not like a particular gun with the standard grip, but aftermarket grips may change the way a gun feels in her hand. Dad owns a S&W MP9 and with the small backstrap I can't shoot it well at all, the medium is better, the large size is perfect.
    Have her try a variety of guns, and discuss with her what she likes and doesn't like about each one, until you find the one that feels best for her.
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    My wife struggled with the problem of what weapon to carry. I told her she needed a 9mm or larger so she bought a Tarsus Mil Pro pt 111. She shoots it well but she does not like it as a CC, (the gun is just to big for to conceal) and would not carry it. I bought a Kel Tec P3AT for a BUG and sometime carry. At the range she ran a box of ammo through it and looked at me and said, "NICE, MINE" AND SHE TOOK IT. It goes with her every where and she shoots it very well. I bought another P3AT for me and we both carry the same model gun with same mags and ammo. We both have become very situational aware and back each other up when we are out and about. Right gun for her became right gun for me.

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    Not my wife (yet) but a S&W 642 .38 with Nyclads.

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    The "best" gun is the one YOU like, not anyone else. It will be a compromise of:

    1. Fit - It should fit in your hand like you were born with it there.
    2. Reliability - It should go BANG about 99.8% of the time you pull the trigger.
    3. Accuracy - In YOUR hand. It's how well YOU shoot it.
    4. Concealability - It should be comfortable enough to wear and easy enough to conceal so you won't leave it laying on the dresser at home.
    5. Cost - You don't want to scrimp on your "life protector" weapon, but you probably don't need a $1,000 Kimber, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustinmk4 View Post
    I'm looking for a gun for my wife and wanted to know what other women like so i know where to start my search. Also any advice you other ladies might have for her would be great. I plan on getting her to a range and renting several different guns for her to try out so we know what she likes best but it would be nice to narrow the field before we go.

    Thanks all.
    If that avatar is your wife, I know about 33,000 DC members who will help you with the search...

    With all due respect, of course...

    What was your question? Oh yea, a carry gun for the wife...OK. My wife started with a S&W 637 that I picked out for her and it now sits in the safe. Then she found a KelTec .32 in the safe and liked that, but she was now comfortable with racking the slide. Then she discovered the Glock-26...that she can handle. She does not carry often, but that's her gun.
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    I'm not comfortable relying on anything less than a 9mm.

    I'm relatively small framed and am not willing to compromise much on clothing choices, (I like tailored, fitted clothing, won't wear anything baggy and won't wear clothing that I think makes me look frumpy or masculine), and I don't want to carry off-body.

    So my choice in EDC was a compromise.

    I hated the Kel-Tec that I tried and I had FTF/FTE problems with it.

    I loved the Kahr CW9. I can shoot it well and that gun felt like it was made for me. But I thought it was still big enough to be too limiting to my wardrobe.

    I settled on a Kahr PM9. It is definitely a compromise. I don't like shooting it. It's snappy. Taking it apart for cleaning is difficult. It's not a fabulous fit in my hand, though the pinky extender helps. conceals well. It gives me many options for where I can put it. And I have learned to shoot it reasonably well and am working hard to be able to shoot it better.

    If I were more willing to compromise my clothing, I'd have gone with the XD-SC9. But it's too darn thick for me. But that's a great gun!

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    You'll get pretty much the same answer for women as you will for men on this question. It's a personal preference that will vary with each individual shooter. I believe so far you've seen the range from mouse gun to .45.

    My suggestion is get her to a range that rents guns and let her try out as many as possible. Only then can she decide what is best for her.

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