Glock 19/26 weight difference

Glock 19/26 weight difference

This is a discussion on Glock 19/26 weight difference within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just wondering is someone either knows and/or has both guns and a scale could give me the weight difference between a fully loaded glock 19 ...

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Thread: Glock 19/26 weight difference

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    Glock 19/26 weight difference

    Just wondering is someone either knows and/or has both guns and a scale could give me the weight difference between a fully loaded glock 19 and a fully loaded glock 26. I've been having a bit of back pain recently and have been questioning if it would be worthwhile to trade my almost new glock 19 in for a 26. But I wont bother if the difference is only an ounce or two.


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    I don't have a scale available, but I do own both G19 & G26. There is a definite difference between the two. I have issues with my back and have been carrying the G26 almost exclusively. The G19 is just too much for me to carry for any length of time. The Glock site lists the two with a weight difference of almost 4 oz. (3.88 oz.) It may not seem like much, but it does make a definite difference. Being more compact also makes it seem lighter than that to me.

    P.S. I carry a G19 mag for a spare.
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    Glock 19
    29.98 oz.

    Glock 26
    26.10 oz.
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    And for further question you might consult GLOCK "Safe Action Pistols"
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    Glock 19, 26, 42 and new (43) loaded weights:

    Glock 19 (16 rds) (according to Glock)
    29.98 oz.

    Glock 26 (11 rds)
    26.10 oz. (according to Glock)

    My weights on a kitchen scale

    o 25.75 oz - (+2 round mag extension) ((13 rds)
    G26 + 2 25.75 oz.jpg

    o 31.25 oz - (+2 mag extension) and N82 Pro holster.
    G26+N82 pro +2 - 31.25 oz.jpg


    o 15.85 oz -.Glock 42 (.380) (7rds) + NDZ finger extension (aluminum)

    o 20.75 oz (6+1 rd):With Holster (N82 pro) + NDZ finger extension (aluminum)
    G42-N82-6+1-finger ext-20.75oz.jpg

    G43 - new but official on the Glock site and on the site.
    o 24 oz Glock 43 9mm SS
    (17.95 (incl empty mag) + 7 rds 9mm 124gr)


    o 31-32 oz - with N82 pro holster and a Plus 2, (guess)

    I find up to 20-22 oz pretty light, with a holster, no feeling of 'lugable'. G42 meets this requirement

    *(Luggable was the term for an old Compac portable computer in the 1985 era, meaning somewhat annoying to lug around)

    G43 appears to be 8 additional oz over my perceived informal 'limit', total carry package. (not including spare mags)
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    I am confused by your math and how you laid this out. If im reading this correctly the difference between g42 fully loaded with trigger and g42 fully loaded with n82 is 5 oz.

    Yet on the g43 youre adding in 7-8oz for the holster.

    I dont know you didnt lay everything out nicely and its confusing as to what you are comparing.

    This is to badger

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    After six years, I'm pretty sure he'd already found his answers.

    Start a new thread on the weight differences of the new model Glocks.
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