Problems with SW40ve today

Problems with SW40ve today

This is a discussion on Problems with SW40ve today within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok so I put about 150 more rds thrugh my gun today with the total of about 400 so far. I was shooting just the ...

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Thread: Problems with SW40ve today

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    Problems with SW40ve today

    Ok so I put about 150 more rds thrugh my gun today with the total of about 400 so far. I was shooting just the same as any other time but i was using a different ammo. I was using Fiocchi 135 gr and it jammed once then it worked fine for about anther 20 rds and then something just broke. The slide jamed shut with a rd in the chamber and the trigger wouldnt pull. I was able to empty the gun and securet but when i tried to find out what happed its weird. When i pull the trigger the whole slide moves backwards the distance of the trigger pull. I stripped it and everything seems to be just fine, but it still doesnt work right. I cant seem to fine out what happend.

    Good news is that te place i bought it from GUANTIEES ALL new guns for LIFE. So first thing monday mroning i have to take it and have them fix it but im going to be without my defense gune for 4-8 weeks... Thanks for local guns shops.
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    Call S&W service. They will make it right as rain and pay for shipping both ways.

    If you complain about the trigger pull, they will also do a free trigger job on it as well. That will make sending it in well worth the trouble.

    I also would not be too bent out of shape about a single mechanical failure. There is not a single gun make or model that is immune to failure... No matter what other (insert gun manufacturer) zealots tell you.
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    I've had my SW40VE for about a year and a half now. I have not had one single problem with it. I only use quality name brand ammo ie (Hornady, Federal,Black Hills,Remington and the like) Most of my target ammo is going to be Federal or Remington. I have mine loaded right this minute with Hornday 155gr XTP custom ammo. I also just received 100rds of Federal LE Tactical 155gr Hydro-Shock.

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    I second a call to S&W customer service. The have a lifetime service policy and will fix it for free, including the cost of shipping it to them. I had a problem with light strike misfires with my Sigma and they mailed me a Fedex label and had my gun fixed and back to me inside of two weeks.

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    I would call customer service at Smith they will make it right and get it back to very quickly.

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    sounds like maybe the trigger bar became disconnected and the rear of the bar is pushed up against the slide,so when you pull the trigger its pushing the slide back instead of actuating the firing pin
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    I have a friend with a 9mm Sigma, he has had 2 firing pin failures from the gun with Fiocchi ammo. First time he wasn't sure what the issue was, the 2nd time he was shooting only Fiocchi that we had to see if that caused the issue...and sure enough!

    So my experience: Fiocchi+Sigma = BAD

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    Takes care of warranty service, great work quick turnaround.. If your trigger is hard tell him and he'll take care of that too, under warranty.

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