SIXTO isn't going to like this....

SIXTO isn't going to like this....

This is a discussion on SIXTO isn't going to like this.... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am thinking about selling my Glock 23 to finance the purchase of an FN P40. It just fits my hand better and the grip ...

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Thread: SIXTO isn't going to like this....

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    SIXTO isn't going to like this....

    I am thinking about selling my Glock 23 to finance the purchase of an FN P40.

    It just fits my hand better and the grip angle is "correct".

    But, the one thing that is holding the whole thing up is, the Glock was my reward to myself for losing the 160 pounds and for that reason, I am sentimentally attached to it.

    Still, I really like that FN and I would really like to have one. I haven't carried the Glock for about 6 months now anyway, since I bought my XD .40. The XD has been my constant companion and the Glock has become a safe queen.
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    I don't know much about FN but I guess they make some of the weapons that are issued to our military including the M16, M249, and M240 machine guns. I've been looking at getting an FNP9 myself, but Glock has pretty much done it for me as far as carry guns go.

    IMO you should save up for the FNP 40 and keep your Glock 23, you'll feel a whole lot better!
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    Have you ever heard of "seller's remorse"? Get the FN if you want, but hang on to he other. As far as sentimental values, it's just a THING. Get attached to people, not THINGS.

    BTW, great job on the 160. It's a hard row to hoe.

    Good luck.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    No, no, no...don't do it!
    You'll be sorry.
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    TnMike, I have read some posts in the past about how fond you are of that 23. I have a feeling that you will regret it if you sell it.
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    Everytime I have sold a gun I have regretted it .
    Don't do it .
    Congrats on the weight loss .
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    Keep the Glock my Friend. There is history and sentiment involved with that pistol. Be patient and save a little longer for the new purchase. I don't want to read another post in a year from you crying the blues about having sold that Glock.
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    Mike...I recall one of your post where that Glock 23 possibly saved your life in a Sams Club gas station.

    Based on this, I would reconsider.
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    Keep the glock and put a few bucks away for the FN until you can go get it.

    "Seller's Remorse" is a condition I'm all too familiar with, just look at my sig...
    "Stand your ground, don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here!" - John Parker April 19th, 1775 Lexington, MA

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    Hey, it isnt me that would be unhappy with your actions.

    I went through it too a few years ago. I gave up Glock for my personal guns. I made the switch to Sig. I still miss the Glock for the a lot of reasons, but the Sigs are such a nice gun that fits me well. BUT, I still have a few Glocks sitting in the safe.
    May you find in the FN what I found in Sig.
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    Save for the FN. They in my opinion are highly underrated guns. I however would not give up that Glock for one.
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    I have never regretted keeping a gun. I have regretted selling some. I'd hang onto the Glock, especially since that particular piece has sentimental value.

    The FN-Ps are fine handguns. My young bride has the FN-P9. Accurate, easy to handle, variable geometry backstrap, absolutely reliable. They're also not especially pricy, around the $500 range, so it's not like you'll have to wait that long to get it -- not like trying to save up for a $3000 custom job.
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    Keep the Glock!

    I regret every gun I've parted with. Also, the Glock is more common. That means if the obamessiah gets his way and ban guns and we are invaded by UN troops, you will still be able to find parts if your gun breaks down in actual battle.

    Hey, I'm just painting an unlikely, but remotely possible scenario here. Parts will need replacing. That means taking parts/guns from the dead and wounded or looting supply stations, much like the resistance movements of WWII.


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    Glock: Combat Tupperware. Hard to get attached to something like that. Not like a Sig or any 1911 or a fine revolver. Heck I love my H&K P30 but it too is a different type of Combat Tupperware. Just so happens to fit my hand better than the Glocks. Do what makes you HAPPY. Life is too short to do otherwise. You obviously have no issues with the 40 as a caliber. I did and this is one reason I sold both my M23 and my M27. I didn't like the nasty barrel whip that seemed to induce flinch after just a few rounds. Plus I didn't like the idea of having to stockpile a very expensive type of ammo for that rainy day SHTF scenario. So do what makes you smile!
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    I'd hang onto the Glock if it was me. I'll probably ask the wife bury it with me when I go, cause it was my first Autoloader and I luv it.

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