Glock 27 or 36?

Glock 27 or 36?

This is a discussion on Glock 27 or 36? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So the 1911 has been left at home lately due to back problems. Currently I been carrying my LCP but I feel "out gunned" with ...

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Thread: Glock 27 or 36?

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    Glock 27 or 36?

    So the 1911 has been left at home lately due to back problems. Currently I been carrying my LCP but I feel "out gunned" with it alone.

    I'm thinking of purchasing a used 27 with night sights for about $400. I currently do not have any 40 S&W ammo in my collection. I really like the 36 but that'll be almost $175.00 more then this used 27.

    I do like the idea of being able to use a conversion barrel on the 27 to be able to shoot 357 Sig or 9mm.

    Years ago I had an XD 40 Service Model so I'm accustomed to the 40 S&W "Muzzle Snap".

    What are your guys thoughts?
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    I just purchased a G27 last week! It's a dream to shoot. Very easy to shoot accurately and precisely. Highly reccomend one! I've yet to shoot a G36 so i really couldn't help ya there but I hear nothing but good things about them.... it is a Glock afterall. I prefer the G27 simply cuz it packs lots of power in the smallest frame Glock has to offer which i find important cuz it's my CC. If .45 GAP ammo wasn't so hard to find and expensive I would have most likely gone with the G39... that might be my next purchase
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    I have the Glock-36 for my EDC and I absolutely love the gun. I is a great shooter, easy to conceal...and plenty of firepower.
    It has taken the place of my two Kimbers...did I really say that?
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    The G36 is an illegitimate love-child of an Officer's size 1911 and a Glock. I carry one as my EDC. It fits my hand a lot better than the 26 or 27.
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    How much 40S&W ammo would $175 dollars buy you right now? Range and carry ammo. The G27 is a most wonderful piece. It was my first EDC pistol and now it's my wife's. Love the 40 caliber and the apparently inherent accuracy of the cartridge, and the baby Glock seems to peak with it. I've never tried the G36, and maybe since the G21/G30 didn't seem to be my optimum for carry...maybe I should have by now. I firmly believe there's a reason for everything, and my list of wants is long. don't have any 40S&W ammo're pretty much a 45 guy, but no stranger to the 40. Magazine capacity shouldn't be an issue for you since you've obviously been carrying the 1911 (which I'm assuming is single stack 7-8 rounds). Correct me if I'm wrong.
    The G27 for $400 used w/NS is a steal no matter what in my book. Extra mags for the G36 may be harder to find that the others, and holsters....? But you already have the ammo. In reality it appears to be a toss up. Let's spin the Glock wheel of fortune shall we?'s not spinning. My bad. Tell you what.......I'm just going to have to predict it for you. Just a minute............hang's coming............hang your favorite bingo card handy? G36 is what I see in your future. It may be after your G27, but it's coming. Wishing you the best in anything you do.

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    Shot my brand new Glock 27 today. I loved every minute of the 150 rounds I put threw it. I also found that the factory magazines aren't nearly as uncomfortable as I thought they would be. With the pinky hanging off I shot just as well as with the G23 mag in with a full grip. Definitely my new favorite, and for 400 that would be hard to pass up.

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    I've loved my 27 as well. Almost sold my 23 due to the 27 being more enjoyable to shoot than I had expected. In the end I kept both, but shooting the baby glocks is far more enjoyable than I ever expected. In my neck of the woods .40 is easy to come by so the 27 would be my choice. Guess it depends on ammo in your neck of the woods. The extra money would get me almost 12 boxes of federal .40 FMJ at wally so that would be icing on the cake for me.
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    I just picked up a used G-36... you should shoot both before you decide!
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    I had a 36. It is a very accurate weapon. For most situations 6+1 and a spare mag or two should suffice. I prefer to carry my 27, 9+1 and one 13 round spare mag puts me ahead of the 36 in capacity.

    I vote for the 27.
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    G 27 is my EDC, it is actually fun to shoot and extremly accurate.
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    I carried a 27 for 8 years before switching to the 19. I still think very highly of the 27. $400 with nightsites? Buy it. If you don't like it, you'll get all your money back reselling it.
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    I LOVE my G27. Not a single ftf or fte. Forget about what everyone says about snappy recoil, you will not notice it. As far as a G36, well, I'm in the market for one of those too!!! Both are excellent guns in my opinion.

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    Get the G27 ...I recently bought a G26 and it has become my favorite EDC very quickly.... Get some GAP floorplates for the mags. CDNN has Glock factory mags for $19.99 right now... Sounds like a great deal..
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    I had a 27...for me, too snappy and hard to hold onto with even the pearce extensions.....just me I suppose as others like ti a lot...I have a 26 and love it, more manageable for me.....I am going to get a 36 as it fit my hand wonderfully...BUT for that price, you cannot go wrong with the 27.
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    both are good guns. you can not go wrong with either. i carry my g27 more than i do my g36. don't know why, just do.
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