Thinking about a ex subcompact

Thinking about a ex subcompact

This is a discussion on Thinking about a ex subcompact within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey Guys, I am looking for a better carry piece then what I have right now. I have been carrying a tuarus 24/7 pro but ...

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Thread: Thinking about a ex subcompact

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    Thinking about a ex subcompact

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a better carry piece then what I have right now. I have been carrying a tuarus 24/7 pro but it is just to big. I am have been thinking a lot about a bunch of different guns. I have tried the Kaltecs and ruger 380 but I have big hands and those guns even with the grip extensions are just to small. I have a 1911 from Springfield and I am extremely pleased. So I was thinking that if I enjoy the craftsmanship of my 1911 then I would prob like a xd. I am not much for glocks, I hate the trigger pull on them. So what do you think about xd, How do they perform, any problems you can tell me about, I know the subs are not real accurate very far away but thats what you get with a 3 in barrel. SO what do you guys think.
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    If you like the Taurus, other than size, take a look at the Millennium Pro series. They are made in 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP.
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    i absolutely love my XD9SC...

    love the way it shoots, handles, for me a GREAT pick.
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    Any of the XD's will serve you well. My EDC is my 9sc, however I occasionally will carry the .40 service.

    BTW, the XD9sc is capable of 4" groups at 25 yards.

    Here's a link to a tourture test of the XD:

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    The XD subs are great, but wide. Just add the Pearce base plate to the smaller mag. This is the cheapest place I've found for it:

    11593 - Springfield XD Grip Extension, Black

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    I personally dont like the balance and overall feel of the XD in any form the SC is worse...really top heavy. Put a Glock or M&P or any similar sub in your hand with the XD, and the difference in overall feel is very apparent. All modern decent brand semi autos shoot acceptably accurate.
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    XD 9 or 40 SC. Small, easy to conceal. Exceptionally easy to shoot. Well-built, totally reliable. Tack driver.

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    If you like craftsmanship, then the is not XD is not the pistol for you. Its a mass produced pistol, not exactly known for its craftsmanship.

    Why not a micro or commander sized 1911?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gymteach65 View Post
    I have been carrying a tuarus 24/7 pro but it is just to big.
    In what way is it big, exactly? Height, width (thickness), length, grip sticks out, grip circumference, combination?
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