Looking to purchase a G26, for those who carry one.....

Looking to purchase a G26, for those who carry one.....

This is a discussion on Looking to purchase a G26, for those who carry one..... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; please give me a few pros and cons. I intend to carry IWB....

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Thread: Looking to purchase a G26, for those who carry one.....

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    Looking to purchase a G26, for those who carry one.....

    please give me a few pros and cons. I intend to carry IWB.

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    Easy to conceal
    Great shooter

    Sorry, I can't think of anything.
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    I plan on putting a down payment on one for my wife this weekend. She's been wanting one of her own for a while now, and since she got her permit, she's been carrying my (apparently) former G27. Getting her the G26 might get me back the G27, but I think I've lost my best holster for good.
    G26 pros? Glock.
    G26 cons? Help me out here guys.

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    I'm with the others...just get it.

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    As the old Nike commerical "Just do it"
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    Highly recommend the G26. Buy it!
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    If I could only have one firearm, it would be my G26.

    Cons? OK...maybe too big for pocket carry in anything but cargo pants/shorts (for most people).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    G26 pros? Glock.
    G26 cons? Help me out here guys.
    Cons? It's not a G19.

    G26 is my favorite EDC... G19 is 2nd...
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    It's also my EDC. Glock perfection in the perfect size and affordable to practice with.
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    only cons i can think of it's blocky and also heavier then other brands/models of 9mm's such as Kel-Tec's PF9 or Kahr's PM9..

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    I have a G26, and it's a great gun. It is a bit on the thick side though. I pocket carry when I walk my dogs at night, and you'd never know it's there. During daytime, you might be able to pick it out if you were looking. I have about 500 rounds through it now without a single malfunction of any sort.

    Also, remember that the G26 is a 10+1 gun (higher than Kahr and Kel-tec), so you do get something in return for the increase width.
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    Great pistol.
    Cons, 0.

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    I have one and I like it. 1 CON: when practicing malfunction drills, you really have to rack the slide hard in one direction and pushing the frame in the other. With all my other firearms, I dont have to use much effort but with my G26, you really have to rack it hard.

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    I carry a G26 an do recommend it ,but you need to make sure the
    finger grips fit your hand before buying .
    If they don't look at the XD9SC , it does not have finger groves
    made into the frame and is also a very good gun.
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    A G26 is my EDC, and I couldn't be happier.

    Perfect size for IWB, reliability, and I shoot it incredibly well.

    The only con I could think of is that it doesn't have an external safety (unless you count the trigger safety). Some like the Springfield XD9 have the grip safety for that added security.

    Me personally, I don't really like the grip safety, and my Glock won't go bang unless I pull the trigger. That is plenty safe for me.
    Glock 26 w/ CTAC IWB

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