Wifey's passed her CC exam!!

Wifey's passed her CC exam!!

This is a discussion on Wifey's passed her CC exam!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Sit back all.....it's a lazy Sunday afternoon & I've got a tale to tell.............. Here's how this played out: The wifey & myself have been ...

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Thread: Wifey's passed her CC exam!!

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    Wifey's passed her CC exam!!

    Sit back all.....it's a lazy Sunday afternoon & I've got a tale to tell..............

    Here's how this played out:

    The wifey & myself have been having "issues" with her BERSA T380 pretty much since day #1 and I've been "complaining" profusely to anyone who'd listen:
    - trigger disconnect E-clip
    - safety de-cocker
    - "hail-mary" accuracy

    Since this gun was purchased to be my wifey's primary CCW over a yr ago, we'd/I'd "benched it" for these problems for the past few months. As a result she's been putting off getting her CCP until we resolved it's problems because she wants HER gun - NOT mine - to use for her CCW - and rightly so.

    So without getting into ANY debate on .380Auto as a defensive round & I can't talk her into a 9mm..... the search began to replace the T380 with another small automatic. We/she tried out quite a few, and were VERY dissappointed with what was available...... until she fell in LOVE with SIGsauer's new P238.
    We researched the crap out of it and decided to get it, but it was going to be a 3wk wait to actually get one. But I lucked out, and was able to get one & put on layaway at our FFL dealer to buy by the end of the month. - there solved.

    Now I'm not one to "dump" a gun that's got obvious issues/problems, so I did some serious on-line research and discovered that 2 of the issues w/the T380 were documented warranty repairs I called CGW (Colorado Gun Works) and they told me to send it in.

    - And to my surprise was treated to a 6 day turn-a-round! I've got to tip my hat to the gunsmiths at CGW

    NOW.........the BERSA aside & the new SIG lined up........ the "MASTER PLAN" was for the wife to finally get her CCP. So she signed up for course that was being offered thru our local indoor range this wkend.
    The average turn-a-round time for a permit in ND is about 6wks, so the timing would be perfect for her to be getting BOTH her permit and her new SIG sometime in mid November.
    I figured I'd tag along & since my CCP renewal date was over a 1yr away I was hoping for the chance to "sneak" off and throw some rounds downrange to try out the BERSA & make sure everything checked out before I traded it in....ON THE SIG.

    Everything was getting started & she'd gotten all signed in......when she announced that she decided to go for her ND. CLASS #1 permit.........that required a firearms proficiency exam Whaaa I didn't even have that!

    (ND changed up it CCP rules this yr to gain more retroprocity with other states..... and I was "downgraded" to a Class #2)

    After a few moments of my initial shock, and her just sitting there smiling at me.........I decided to not be outdone & UPGRADE to the CLASS #1 and take the test with her. I then discovered that prior to my pending annual renewal......I was going to have to go thru the ENTIRE process again......ANYWAYS.........

    So after forking out $270 for the 2 of us in class and ND State fee...we took the 3hr course (which was VASTLY different than my last exam).....and yes...both PASSED!
    All we had left was the proficency exam. I already had my XD9sc on me w/2-10rnd mags, and her newly repaired - UNtestED BERSA - was in the range bag with 50 rnds of an PMC Brand ammo neither of us had ever used before and only 1-7rnd mag.

    The exam took 24 rnds and 2 mags to complete w/holster.
    - 6rnds strong hand @ 7yrds w/mandatory mag reload and 6rnds weak hand in 45sec.
    - then we pull back to 15yrds reload and shoot 6rnds in whatever 2-handed stance you choose w/mandatory mag reload and 6rnds at a kneeling pos. in 55sec.
    The target was a simple 8x11" colored printer sheet and to pass you needed 17 hits and 1/2 cuts on the edge count.

    I went 1st and hit 21 out of 24, with over 20sec to spare in both rounds. - need more practice in the kneeling position (no jokes) - DONE passed Class #1

    Next it was the wifey's turn, and she stepped up and informed the instructor (a friend of mine that I shoot w/frequently) that she ONLY had 1 mag...and NO holster. (remember...I wasn't planning on her to actually shoot tonight)

    He laughed....pulled out an el-cheapo nylon holster and told her that he'd reload her one and only mag to keep her under the time limit.
    She got ready.....he hit the buzzer......and she started shooting & NAILED IT! She hit a 18 out of 24 with that BERSA she hasn't shot in over 6 months that we were going to trade in..... with 10sec to spare in both rounds!

    I stood there with my mouth hanging open as the written test instructor laughed and pointed out to the group "Yep...I wouldn't want her to be shooting at me. I don't think there's any doubt I'd be dead." Then looked at me and nodded- "she's got that one figured out"

    Yes.....yes she does. Guess we'll be keeping the BERSA........AND getting her a new SIG P238..........

    All that's left is the wait after everything is mailed in.

    This was TOO GOOD not to share! Thanks all!
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    SIGSauer P226SCT (New! w/22lr Conversion)
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    Congratulations and thanks for sharing
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    Nothing like your better half being your best backup IMO!

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    Congrats to you and your wife!...why are women always such natural shots?
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    Good Job !!
    A Native Floridian = RARE


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    Congrats! and Wow!

    Just this afternoon me and mine were targeting my P-238 and Bersa CC out in the back, she turns to me and says " when you go for your renewal class next summer I will take the class with you and get my cpl.... GREAT!
    She wants an LCR

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    cupz71, excellent...outstanding...well done to you both! I am proud of her for you!
    If I gave a crap about what you think about my guns.....it was early this morning and I already flushed it!

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    Give her a big thumbs up from all of us
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    Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your story.

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