New SIG owner- a Few Questions- please help

New SIG owner- a Few Questions- please help

This is a discussion on New SIG owner- a Few Questions- please help within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well I got it, And...the spider bit me I know understand the "signess" you guys talk about! Well its a New P228R, night sites, short ...

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Thread: New SIG owner- a Few Questions- please help

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    Smile New SIG owner- a Few Questions- please help

    Well I got it, And...the spider bit me I know understand the "signess" you guys talk about!

    Well its a New P228R, night sites, short trigger, So Im ready for this to become my new little buddy BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    Whats this about "greasing the gun" I found post on the sig forum where this guy stripped his sig completely and greased the whole thing (the parts) do I need to do this?

    Then I found another guy who "de greased" and used the sig synthetic lube that came with the gun? Which do I do?!

    Im pretty confused at the moment What do I need to "lube" I keep hearing sigs like to run wet. If so, what kind of lube or grease do I need?

    Thanks guys, will post pics soon!
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    I'm sure there will be several opinions but I use Hopes #9 & Breakfree CLP to clean the bore & internal/external parts then I oil the slide rail & key areas with a little gun oil. Never had any kind of operational failure to date.
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    Sigs do not like to run wet. Since I was 6 none of the sigs we have owned over the years have run "wet". On lube, what ever lube you like really is what will work in my experience lubes are a personal choice. The one thing that is odd is a drop in each slide grove of the frame is really all the lube you need. The rest of lubing is rust prevention thats it. Ive actually tried to run a wet Sig, it got real gritty quick, instead of its normal smooth action. The good thing is I had clean rags, quick strip and wipe down of the parts and it was back to normal. The biggest part is the drop of lub in each frame grove for the slide, and let it run down the entire slide grove, quick function test and racking of the slide and you are good to go.
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    I have 4 Sigs that operate without problems and lubricate pretty much like the two previous posters. After cleaning the gun, I use RemOil to lubricate the slide rails, and run a cotton swab with a slight bit of oil on it down the barrel and on the outside of the barrel.

    I do this with other brands of semiauto guns as well, not just Sigs.
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    Agreed, just a little lube on the rails and they run perfect.

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    Light coat of oil on the outside (for rust prevention)...a drop or two down the slide grooves...and lightly coat the barrel. That's it.....seriously....
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    Grayguns, Inc. is pretty much the authority in SIG gunsmithing. Here is the advice from GGI on lubing a SIG:

    * Lubrication of Sig Sauer pistol rails : Grayguns by Bruce Gray

    Short version: no, don't run wet, but grease the rails fairly generously. I use Slide Glide on all my SIG rails (and I found out that's what GGI uses, also), and they run great. The main issue is not how the guns run from shot to shot or session to session, but how well the anodizing lasts on the gun in the long term.

    Enjoy the new SIG!
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    I've owned and shot my P228 for about 11 years; I also own a P239 and have never applied more than a light coating of oil to either guns rails, barrel and slide. So far, never a FTF or FTE with either gun.
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    I am a new Sig owner as well... I use what I use on all my pistols. Clean with CLP, lube lightly with Mobil 1 15w-50 on slide rails, barrel lug, and hood. Runs perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mardet65 View Post
    I've owned and shot my P228 for about 11 years; I also own a P239 and have never applied more than a light coating of oil to either guns rails, barrel and slide. So far, never a FTF or FTE with either gun.
    Well stated, this is all you need to do. Sigs are great.
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    Grease the rails a small bit of oil on the springs and inner workings. --A discussion forum for SIG enthusiasts has some good tips, but you will also hear some pretty wild stuff. I recently bought the same gun and its been great so far. I carry it on duty and as a concealed gun. Just in case you have any questions about holster fit, any holster designed for a 229R will work just fine for it.
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    Congratulations on your new SIG pistol! Not much more I can say that hasn't already been said. I also use lube (Zero Friction) in the slide rails of my stainless. THE ONLY application among all of my firearms with anything other than Gunzilla!

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    I only "grease" the rails on my SIGs and I use TW-25B... good stuff!
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