What's your favorite primary/BUG combo?

What's your favorite primary/BUG combo?

This is a discussion on What's your favorite primary/BUG combo? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Today I am toting one of my favorite combinations: Colt O1918 and S&W 442-1 (no lock, of course). The Colt is in an O'Rourke OWB, ...

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Thread: What's your favorite primary/BUG combo?

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    What's your favorite primary/BUG combo?

    Today I am toting one of my favorite combinations: Colt O1918 and S&W 442-1 (no lock, of course). The Colt is in an O'Rourke OWB, the 442 is in the front left pocket.

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    Glock 17 and a Glock 26 would be my optimal combo. I would have said a Sig P229R and a Keltec but I have become enamored with the Glocks.

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    For me, this year, the combo has been an Airweight J-Frame and a Hi Power.

    The J-Frame Airweight is the almost perfect BUG IMHO. The only deviation from that is that if one carries a Glock full size or compact like the 17/19, and doesn't mind the size/weight, the Glock 26 size gun is almost perfect.

    Even in the case of the Glock, the J-Frame size gun will make a good BUG.


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    Lately, it's been an XD9sc and a Ruger LCP. However, I often carry a G-23 and the XD9sc or the LCP.

    Before getting the XD and LCP my usual mode was the G-23 and Ruger SP-101.

    After watching a lot of 1940's Bogart mysteries and feeling particularly nostalgic, I'll carry the 3" Ruger Speed Six .357 mag and the Ruger SP-101. I still have a thing for wheel guns!
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    M&P9 and Kel-tec P3AT

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    J-frame airweight used to back up the G19.

    Now the J-frame has been replaced by an LCP (G19 is still primary). The J-frame stays in my desk at work (my office = my rules).
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    Winter: DW cBob or CCO .45 in shoulder holster; CZ P-01 9mm OWB

    Summer: CCO or P-01 OWB, and S&W 642 .38 airweight in front pocket.

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    A 2.5" S&W 19-4 primary and my ancient model 36 BUG. Carry both IWB.
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    HK P2000sk (I love this gun) and Seecamp LWS32 (old but reliable).

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    Well for everday stuff I usually go Sig P220/Taurus PT-22
    Although I do like a Bersa .380 as my bug.
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    Primary - M&P40 Full Size in a CCC Looper IWB holster at the 4 O'clock position

    BUG - Ruger LCP in a customer chest holster... A single button is left undone under the neck tie for quick access
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    Every day carry is IWB One of Four 357 Snubs or Glock 26. Of hand pocket 442. On the days I work the Gun Shop I'll carry the G26, 442, and One or Two 357 Snubs.

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    Right now a KAHR CW9 in a IWB and a PM9 left side front pants pocket. In hot weather I carry the PM as primary and a M85 Ti Taurus as a BUG.

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    My current favorite combination is a Ruger SP101 2 1/4" DAO .357 as primary and a S&W 37-2 Airweight DAO as a BUG. I carry the Ruger loaded with magnums, but all my spare ammunition is .38 Special +P so it can be loaded in either weapon.

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    My main carry times are with a sport coat on. I prefer revolvers. S&W 640 on the stong side belt in a leather FIST holster. I usually have a 340M&P in a Null "City Slicker" shoulder holster for back up.

    Sometimes I only carry the M&P in a belly band. If I have an outer coat on, it may go in the pocket of the coat in a MIKA pocket holster.

    Both J frames are loaded with 125gr. .357 DPX carry ammo. The performance (1100 fps?) is about what a decent 9mm auto would give me - because of the short barrel and the medium power loads.

    Sometimes, if dressed lightly, I only carry my Ruger.380 LCP in a pocket holster. Occasionally, but seldom, I carry the LCP in an ultra thin Kydex IWB holster from Fist. Always - it has 7 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense ammo in it.

    I feel a little weak with only the LCP. But at least I'm armed.

    Those are my only handguns.

    If I was a younger man and less set in my ways, I'd probably take the time to master a high capacity semi-auto like the Smith and Wesson M&P or the Glock 19.

    That's not going to happen though.

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