Got a .40 cal that you like?

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Thread: Got a .40 cal that you like?

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    Got a .40 cal that you like?

    Nope, but I have a .40 Glock 22, 27, and Sig 229 that I LOVE!!
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    I absolutey love my XD-.40 and my S&W Model 610 thier 10mm/.40S&W with a 4" barrell.... I shoot them both competitively with .40 S&W...

    I would and have recommended them Both to friends and family.... The XD-.40 is cool for a beginner because you can buy it as a kit package... Holster, Mag Loader, extra mag, mag holder, & cleaning brush... for a decent price!

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    I got a SW sigma40 VE, but the trigger is just god-awful heavy, Im gettin the XD 45 as Ive found the preference for 45. Much easier to manage than the snap of the 40smith.

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    Sig 229 in .40.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gglass View Post
    My recommendation would be the M&P 40 in a full size or compact, depending on the primary purpose.

    If your friend holds one, nothing else will feel quite right.

    Being made in the U.S. and having a lifetime warranty doesn't hurt either.
    ^yup... take him to the range where they have rentals have him pick out the one he likes best..... (M&P, XD,Glock)<make sure he shoots these
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    I love both my XD40subcompact and XDm40...
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    I have a P229 in .40 and I love it. Excellent gun assuming it fits your hands right.

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    My S&W Sigma is the best .40 caliber handgun that I have ever owned! Okay, it is the first one that I have ever bought or shot, and not a lot. I also bought it two weeks before the $50 rebate or two free $37 magazine offer started! Yes, that smarted.

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    I have a Springfield XD40 sub compact that I really enjoy shooting and carrying.
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    I have been carrying a Glock G23 for about a year now, ever since I got my concealed carry. I love it. But my wife has a CZ 75 B and a CZ RAMI (both in 9) that are both nice. I know the RAMI also comes in .40, but I wonder how bad the recoil is compared to the G23. I may also look into some other CZs. And I have also been really impressed with the way that S&W .40 looks. Whatever I get it will be in .40.

    But I am probably going to stick with Glock. The gun just shoots. I am thinking about getting a Glock G35 though. Anybody out there carry one of those? Or is that really too big to conceal? I know some folks love those for competition.
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    Another vote toward S&W M&P40...But specifically the fullsize model.

    It is _very accurate_.

    Below are images I took dating back to May 2006.
    This was back when the M&P had first debuted to market as available in .40 only.


    testing procedure:
    Top row firing weak hand then strong hand.
    Bottom row firing strong hand then weak hand with target opposite of my dominant eye (right).
    This is a method to strain my ability to sight and hold a target fix as within a small margin of error (4" diameter).

    Note: 75' is the backstop.

    Location: S&W 'Shooting Sports Center' - Public Range ~ Lane 20 (farthest right)


    I was provided by a S&W manager a brand new out of the box unit to play with on their range, and given a box of ammo to boot.
    To be completely frank, I was doubtful. Think Sigma. That's what I was thinking.
    My doubt though was quickly resolved.

    I loved that gun!
    There was nothing about it I did not like aside from it not having a 1911 style frame safety and it being thicker than a 1911.

    But to be sure I had desire to return and re-test using real and scientific evaluation to be sure my mind was not just going through new toy hype.
    The results as depicted above very much resolved that as not being the case.
    This second gun I used was one of their _range rental_ guns and it was this day dirty and had been run for IIRC 4 wks. I'd asked and confirmed it was not the same gun I'd used during my prior visit.

    The S&W M&P40 fullsize shoots.
    In my hand.

    The only reason I don't own one now is because in MA we are limited to 10 rd. mags and I am not on principal going to spend coin on 6 to 8 _low cap_ mags at $30 per retail....To do what effectively my 1911s can do, as with 8 and 10 rd. mags.

    - Janq

    P.S. - The compact variant does not fit my hand well at all and I can't get a good purchase enough on it to fire with fine accuracy.
    Even if I could though the increased sight radius of the full size increases shooter accuracy AND it gives up nothing in regard to concealability.
    I have heard of some of the S&W shooters running a full size top end on a compact frame.
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    Another vote for the S&WM&P357Sig/40S&W. I orginally purchased the M&P357Sig and later obtained a 40S&W barrel which I use from time to time. I shoot both calibers equally well and I like the interchangability of the two calibers. I normally carry the 357Sig but on occasions I do use the 40S&W.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digitalexplr View Post
    I love my XD40 service. Accurate, shoots whatever I feed it, easy to handle, goes bang everytime I pull the trigger, what more can one say?
    XD40 gets my vote as well.

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