No Problems w/XDM

No Problems w/XDM

This is a discussion on No Problems w/XDM within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just completed another class with my XDM. It was about a 1,500 round count course. No malfunctions of any type. I have yet to ...

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Thread: No Problems w/XDM

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    No Problems w/XDM

    I just completed another class with my XDM. It was about a 1,500 round count course. No malfunctions of any type. I have yet to experience any of the breakages or malfunctions that I keep hearing about on the net. To be fair I did have a trigger job performed by Springer Precision and he did change out some of the factory parts. I don't believe there is an issue with any of the pistols in the XD series. I do believe there are some shooters who have difficulty keeping any gun running. The only thing that I have ever witnessed on one was a cracked block. That issue was taken care of when they made relief cuts. From my experience, there is nothing wrong with the design and it will function round for round with a Glock. My personal point of view is that most pistols today work just fine, it is the shooters that have issues.

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    i have an xdm as well, i love it, never had an issue while i was shooting it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranburr View Post
    From my experience, there is nothing wrong with the design and it will function round for round with a Glock. My personal point of view is that most pistols today work just fine, it is the shooters that have issues.
    Odd you should mention all of that. I ran this in my signature line for a while: "Glock IS's just the human interface where there seem to be issues. Will humanity ever be ready?"
    I'm glad you feel confident in your XDM pistol. Bottom line is, you may be right about all that. Personally, I haven't heard anything bad about the XD's or the design or engineering.

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    You obviously havent read Sixto's posts....LOL He states he has personally seen multiple failures, in classes where the XD is being run hard. I personally dont like the feel of the "classic" XD. I claim nothing about their durability and reliability. I do tend to like the look and feel much better of the XDM. I'll just stick with my Glock and forget the johnny-come-lately polymers. Mine ALWAYS works...not one failure in many thousands of rounds.
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    I've never heard anything bad about the XD or the XDM's.

    Just the holsters they come with.
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    As per my signature I have two XDs and have never had any failure of any type with either.


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    Shucks Maddy, that just means that you're not pushing it hard enough...<g>

    Go hit some IDPA and USPSA matches and PUSH that sucker. If it's never failed, you aren't trying hard enough.

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    Approaching 3500 rounds through my XDm without a failure of any kind. It's bone stock.

    I have been considering a SP trigger job based on the guys from XD Talk... but honestly I kind of like it the way it is. Now it would be nice to get some Dawson sights put on, and in that case why not get the trigger upgraded at the same time?
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    I've had an issue with my XDm .40, nothing that has stopped the function of the gun yet... the roll pin in the top of the slide that locates the striker/firing pin has been backing out. I've pushed the roll pin back in a few times, then called Springfield. They sent me a new roll pin, and all I need to do is get the "old" pin out and install the new one. I hope this solves the problem?... Anyone else experience this?

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    i lub my glocks but theyre both compacts (G23 and G36)
    i wouldnt trade my Xdm 9mm for a service sized glock ever.
    i do like the stock trigger of the glock better than the stock xd (even M) triggers but the ergo and grip angle sell me everytime.

    no failures for me in glocks or xdm. prolly have as many rounds through xdm as glocks combined... but not too many overall (3k?)

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    My experience having much training and shooting is that the XDM is a superior design. But, I'll keep my Glocks right now.

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    I have an XD-40 (which my son has appropriated) and an XD-9. I don't recall any problems with either of them in the few years I've owned them.

    Last spring I bought an XDm-40. I had a local gunsmith order and install the trigger stuff from Powder River Precision. I just wish I had the moolah to have the same trigger job done on the other two XD's. Fantastic.
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    Your XD works perfectly for you, and my Glock works perfectly for me.
    Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?
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    I own Glocks (G19 and G26) and XD9. Both are great handguns and I have had 0 issues with any of these guns. Bottom line is both designs work and work well. Which is better? Likely only time will tell. If you own either you own a quality gun and are well armed and thats what really counts! Rock on!
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    I suppose that I will throw my M&P experiences into the mix.

    I own five M&Ps with thousands of rounds fired between them. Zero issues so far!
    (I did send one of my M&P9 Pros back to S&W the day I got it to have the front side drifted to the center of the slide... I Bought it that way since it was the only one they had. It has been perfect ever since, and I got 2 free mags for my trouble. Yea me!)

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