New to site, need advice

New to site, need advice

This is a discussion on New to site, need advice within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi All, New member here. I have only had and carried an old S&W model 32 originally bought around 1981. For a short time I ...

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Thread: New to site, need advice

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    New to site, need advice

    Hi All,

    New member here. I have only had and carried an old S&W model 32 originally bought around 1981. For a short time I had a PPK/s. I am in the market for a new carry gun that I will also shoot "regularly" at a range.

    I have read many posts here and other forums with regards to the guns and methods of carry. I would still like some opinions please.

    Here are some facts that should be considered as far as carrying goes. I am a semi big guy 6ft, 240 pounds. When carrying a gun using an inside holster it may not be comfortable in the sitting position. I live in Florida which means that during the work day I am usually in long pants and most other times I am in shorts and tee shirts or polo shorts.

    Although I have not actually seen and felt these, I have researched and am considering the Glock: 23, 27, 30, 36. FNP 40cal models or a CZ RAMI 2075.

    Any opinions of these and my specific needs or any others I did not mention. I am not concerned to much with cost or cost of ammo.


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    I like the Glock36. It has great stopping power with the 45 Acp, easily concealed since it is the Slim Line series, and affordable at $550. Very Reliable and great customer service.

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    All the guns you've listed are great firearms. The RAMI is really thick. The FNP pistols are very much full size. I'd look at the Glocks for concealment, they'll probably be easiest. I really want an FNP 45 for a HD gun, though! <drool> :)

    Welcome to the site!

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    If cost is not an issue, check out the HK P7. The P7 M8 could set you back $2K but is hard to beat as a carry gun. The only down side is that's it's on the heavy side. My EDC is a P7 PSP ex German police pistol. There's still a lot of them floating around out there in various states of condition and pricing.

    Chris's Unofficial H&K P7 Website

    Heckler & Koch P7 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    HK P7

    YouTube - H&K P7 pistol: Groundbreaking Reliability
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    I would see if you can rent a couple of the guns your looking at before buying or if you know some ppl. w/ one of the guns you mentioned hit the range w/ them to try it out. Either way I think you would be GTG w/ any of the Glock pistols. I own a G19 and its my favorite for carry

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    Found Glock 30 too big for IWB, went to the G27 and lov'n it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetpilot007 View Post
    I like the Glock36. It has great stopping power with the 45 Acp, easily concealed since it is the Slim Line series, and affordable at $550. Very Reliable and great customer service.
    This word does NOT exist. It's a myth. No bullet fired from a pistol has a significant amount of power behind it in order to just "stop" an attacker. This has been beaten to death where 1 shot stops are more prevalent with .40SW than .45acp and that 9mm and .45acp are less than 1% point away from eachother in actual encounters where 1 shot stopped the BG.

    No bullet from a handgun is more or less likely, using quality modern JHP rounds, to stop a bad guy. You need to put the shots on target first. Everything else is secondary.

    Having said that I own and have carried both a Glock 19 and Glock 23. Same frame, different caliber. I prefer the .40 for it's larger bullet which creates a larger wound channel. I would feel safe with my G19 in 9mm if I did not have the G23. I like the size, capacity, concealability, and comfort of the gun(both the 19 and 23). Believe me when I say that if you go 9mm because ammo is slightly cheaper to shoot for practice, you will not be undergunned vs a .40sw or .45acp. You do get more rounds with 9mm. I found the G23 in particular to offer a good compromise. I liked my G19 but wanted to carry something bigger simply because I wanted a larger bullet. .40sw seemed to be a good in between for me. You would probably have to shoot them both because some people find the G23 particularly snappy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetpilot007 View Post
    I like the Glock36. It has great stopping power with the 45 Acp, easily concealed since it is the Slim Line series, and affordable at $550. Very Reliable and great customer service.
    +1 it's got my vote.

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    Welcome to the site. I would also try some rental guns if you can. I'm a big guy too, and have a easy time concealing a G19 and G26. These are the same as the G23 and G27, except in 9mm. I can pocket carry my G26 in cargo shorts, with ease and can conceal either one IWB (inside waist band) in an MTAC, by Comp-Tac. The G23 would probably be the better choice if you intend to spend a lot of time with it at the range. The G27 would be a little easier to conceal. Another option would be the G27, with the larger G23 mags and mag sleeves for range time. This would give you the edge in concealability and comfort for range use.
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    Welcome to the forum! You've got almost 40lbs on me and most likely the same height. IWB holsters uncomfortable while sitting? Many available options as to where you carry, what you carry, and how you'll need to carry it all together under any circumstance. I figure if you're like most, one holster just won't do it all no matter what your preferences for pistols or clothing. IMO, your intentions on the Glock pistols should be followed through, to the point that you know well enough that Glock's for you. Since you haven't even held one yet, I'm unsure as to why you have in mind what you do. Outside influences should play a small part in your heading in a certain direction until you've verified the source of your thinking and the reasons why. Be scrupulous before you jump in. Things will go easier in the long run and you won't have to hunt for what's best for you, or feel you need to apply for a FFL because you buy and want to sell several times a month. Advice? Try them if you have the opportunity. Gun shows are a great place to feel for someone in your position in my opinion.'ve probably got several forum members close to where you live that might take you to the range next weekend to try out what they've got (if they are like I think they are). I know I would if you were closer to here.
    Carry and comfort........a rather interesting and sometimes elusive concept to my thinking. Without going into a lengthy post (which I am liable to do on occasion in relation to certain subjects)...I'll just say a few words. Be willing to work with what you have, or what you get. So many variables in which pistol...which holster...what clothing....what belt...what position, etc. Thing is...carry and comfort don't always see eye to eye. In other words...if you've found the best carry pistol/holster that works well for you, be willing to experience some discomfort and realize that you will be able to deal with it or you won't. Things take time...we're human and we're adaptable up to a certain point. In my opinion, with your choices on your hip as an every day attachment, you'll know in a week's time that you've tried almost everything you could and it'll be make it or break it. Realize that in my book, a pistol holster combo that works well will be one that's used almost 24/7. Become one with your tools, and your tools will be one with you. Since you are not concerned much with cost or cost of ammo, you may be steps ahead of maybe 50% of the folks here, and that may net you some extra time and research accordingly. I've just pretty much given a generic response to the query while considering time and money spent on finding the best combo pistol/carry methods for anyone here. You can't throw money at experience and expect to come out with a degree. Your path will either be short and sweet, or a long bumpy ride with a few flat tires. My query to the universe on your behalf netted me a simple response of SmartCarry and G27. The rest is up to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidw View Post
    I am not concerned to much with cost or cost of ammo.
    Buy one of each!

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    Welcome aboard David!

    Whatever you think you would like, if at all possible, try it first! Rent one or borrow a friends etc. It'll save you some loot!

    Inside the waistband (IWB) is what works best for me.
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    Like Glocks or Kahrs

    Of the guns you mentioned I would probably choose one of the Glocks. The Rami is a little thick, and I am not familiar with the FNP. I personally use a Glock 23 frequently for CCW, and find it easy to conceal. I like the .40 caliber as well as .45, and think they are equally effective. The G23 gives you 13+1 rounds in a lightweight gun that is very reliable. I own and have carried a variety of other handguns in several calibers, but keep coming back to the G23.

    When a G23 seems too large for my clothing or situation, I drop down to a Kahr MK9, a very small 9mm with 6+1 rounds that conceals better than anything else I own.

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    I would choose the 23 or 27. Glock is having a few problems with this years 30, you might get a problem with it.

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    Not a Glock fan here, but I do own 2 RAMI's, 1 in 9mm the other in .40 cal. I'm 6' and about 200 lbs, I don't have any problem concealing them with just a t-shirt. The key is going too be having a good quality gun belt, due to the weight of them. Standard 12 round .40 or 15 round 9mm mags from full size CZ's will work fine in them, for you spare mag too.

    BTW welcome to the forum.
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