S&W 3913 question

S&W 3913 question

This is a discussion on S&W 3913 question within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't know much about S&W pistols so please forgive me if I sound like a idiot. Is there a version/model that is basically a ...

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Thread: S&W 3913 question

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    S&W 3913 question

    I don't know much about S&W pistols so please forgive me if I sound like a idiot. Is there a version/model that is basically a 3913 but NOT DOA? Could have sworn I saw the same model gun but it had a exposed hammer.
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    I have a 3913. If you decock, it the first shot is DAO. The rest are single action.
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    Terminology can be confusing, but... let's clarify what "DAO" is. That means double action only - double action on the first shot, double action on the last shot, and on every shot in between.

    The 3913 is a "traditional double action" - TDA to some, or simple DA with a decocker. It is not DAO. Its hammer is bobbed, so it is not convenient to thumb-cock the hammer, but it is nonetheless a traditional DA auto which, after firing, will have the hammer in the cocked position until decocked via the decock lever(s). Assuming a TDA gun starts with a loaded chamber and hammer down, the first shot is double action and subsequent shots are single action.

    One visual characteristic of DAO semi-autos is that they have no decock lever, since they can't be left with a cocked external hammer. So your tipoff that the 3913 is a traditional DA is that it has a decock lever (or levers, depending on model).

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    Actually the 3913 is a traditional DA/SA. The 3953 is a DAO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
    Is there a version/model that is basically a 3913 but NOT DOA?
    DOA = Dead on Arrival

    DAO = Double Action Only
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    I just bought one this weekend. Put 200 rounds of various bullet types through it. Mostly handloads with both lead and jacketed bullets. some factory and 6 rounds of MagSafe. All were accurate and functioned flawlessly. This is by far the nicest little 9 I've ever owned. Trigger is DA/SA and very smooth feeling. It is not DAO.

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