Wife says, I like that one

Wife says, I like that one

This is a discussion on Wife says, I like that one within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My family and I went to the range yesterday. My son, 13 year old, shot up a box of .22s before my wife and I ...

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Thread: Wife says, I like that one

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    Wife says, I like that one

    My family and I went to the range yesterday. My son, 13 year old, shot up a box of .22s before my wife and I could shoot it. Then he shot up almost all of my .40 cal in the G23 till I stopped him. While I was working with my wife with her M36 he was going through the .38s in my model 19 Smith.

    Now to get to the real point of this post. The wife says the M36 bothers her now because she can't hit the target where she wants to at 15 yards. I gave her the M19 with .38s in it. Not much better.
    I want to try that one...the G23. After a clip or so she says this is the one I like. We went over putting one in the pipe, this gun has no external safety & trigger press / pull. I want to try one like this that is just a little smaller.

    So here's the question & I know to let her choose her on carry weapon. However, what would some of you suggest she try?


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    If she likes the 23, why not let her try a 26 or 27?
    Or a subcompact XD. I believe some XD's have an external safety, but they all have grip safeties and chamber indicators. They're pretty similar.

    One good thing about the range I go to is that it's pretty popular, so you get a lot of different people there. Most are more than happy to let you try out one of their guns, and vice versa.

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    I agree, let her test out a 26 or 27. If she still likes the 23 then you can't go wrong there. Might let her test drive a 19 just to compare the recoil difference.
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    That's what sold me on Glocks, too. I was at a range in OKC (H&H). Some nice guy said, "sure, shoot my Glock". I shot a random white space on the paper, then aimed at the hole. Let's just say after the second shot, there was still only one hole. I was sold.
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    My girl shoots my 23, but after a range day she says the recoil hurts her wrist and much prefers the 9mm. She shoot my P228 with precision. She has settled on a G26. I would show her the P239 DAK in Sig, the G26 and G19 in Glock.
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    My wife picked out the G19. She really likes the way it shoots and does fairly well with it.

    She did however decide to change away from the G19 and opted for a S&W 642 to carry because of the reduced size and weight.

    If your gal likes Glocks let her shoot some other ones and let her decide.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I'd say let her try the Springfield XD Subcompact 9mm. Or perhaps a Kahr CW9....my wife LOVES hers.
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    Kahr or Walther PPS

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    I love my G26 for carry. A G19 works well for the range. Not a big fan of .40 here, but that's a personal thing. If she loves the .40 round and enjoys the Glock, a G27 would probably make an ideal carry gun for her. For me, though, I find the 9mm versions to be soooo much quicker on the follow up shots, and so much more pleasant to shoot when there's a big box of ammo (not to mention the relative costs of getting lots of good practice) that the 9mm will probably always remain my favorite.

    Edited to add: having discovered that she really enjoys the Glock, I sure would not steer her over to the long-trigger Kahrs, which are great guns but decidedly different in feel from the Glocks. I'd also cross any DA/SA guns off the list. But if she wants to continue comparison shopping, the XD series is very similar in feel to the Glocks and might be worth discussing.

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