Input please: Ruger P95 9mm

Input please: Ruger P95 9mm

This is a discussion on Input please: Ruger P95 9mm within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; am seriously considering one of these to use primarily at the range. 9 mm much cheaper to shoot than my Glocks (23 & 30). Would ...

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Thread: Input please: Ruger P95 9mm

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    Input please: Ruger P95 9mm

    am seriously considering one of these to use primarily at the range. 9 mm much cheaper to shoot than my Glocks (23 & 30). Would like to hear opinons from the men & women who own one. Any problems, etc. Also, reliable enough for carry? thanks in advance.

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    Hi delg,

    Well my P95 DC was my first carry category semi and I used it for some time. It is a fugly gun - quite chunky too - but it shoots and eats all it is fed - it's tough and well accurate enough.

    Then there is price - IMO a very good value gun and not to be dismissed at all - something a bit over $300 IIRC will be a street price on one and used maybe pick one up $250 or less.

    It sure is not my fave gun, the SIG has taken that slot but if all I had as a carry piece on a limited budget, I would feel very adequately armed with it. If at all possible try and sample one to shoot - I find the Hogue handalls make mine feel better for grip.

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    I don't own one, but my buddy that I shoot with roughly once a month does. It shoots nice and I've never seen it FTF or FTE. He's put all kinds of ammo through it. Pretty nice pistol.

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    I'd hafta follow suit with the above.
    sood solid weapon, kinda chunky to carry but they are definitely reliable, accurate enough, and normally trustworthy but you said it would mainly be for range use so...

    in the low 300 range would be expected and a fair deal.
    i have a p89, my friend a p95 and both are good shoooters.

    This is mine. That is yours.

    Lets keep it that way.

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    I own a p95 with the manual safety. I am not an authority on semiauto pistols, so my impressions are those of an interested novice.
    This is a very good pistol, especially for the money. Mine is 100% reliable with every sort of ammo- cheap WWB hardball, silvertip, fiocchi, corbon, etc etc. I have NEVER had any failures of any type whatsoever. The gun shoots to point of aim once you get used to the sights, which I wasn;t familiar with. Decent trigger, if a bit rough. I would bet my life on it, at least if I didn't have my 357 revolver. And I do not think it really looks any worse than any other polymer pistol, maybe a bit chunky. But hey, I'm a bit chunky too.
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    On presentation, a BG will simply run away, when you show him something so fargin' ugly!

    Glock= brick
    Ruger P series= brick, covered in neon cement, with large, irregular-sized chunks of gravel attached

    They will keep going and going, and are pretty darn accurate, I have to confess, though. A good friend placed 3rd (IIRC) in the Governor's Challenge(hot-shot Mil/LE shooters), here in OK, with one.

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    I have a P89 and it shoots very well. Like others have said, it flawlessly eats everything I feed it. My brother owns a P95DC and he is happy with it. I have put a few rounds through it as well and would be just as happy.

    My favorite part is that hi-cap mags, ammo and accessories are cheap to come by. The Hogue replacement grips went a long way towards helping the hold feel.
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