Glock vs. XD exposed

Glock vs. XD exposed

This is a discussion on Glock vs. XD exposed within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This video is all you need for your Glock vs. XD needs....

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Thread: Glock vs. XD exposed

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    Glock vs. XD exposed

    This video is all you need for your Glock vs. XD needs.
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    Haha, that's great.

    In a low light handgun class I took last weekend, there were 6 Glocks, 2 XDs and 2 M&Ps. The XDs were the only guns to have issues and not run 100%. Same thing in the class I took before that, but different shooters then. I think a good part of the reason is that the XD has taken over the Glock as the "first gun" recommendation in the last few years I think. You can't ask someone what gun to get without someone saying XD. Many of these shooters aren't as experienced and therefore will tend to have more issues with their guns. YMMV.

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    Greatest video ever made ROFL especially the part about the safetys

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    There is another one out there by the same guy dealing with Hi Points and its a real hoot. I have seen it but cannot find it agian, its even funnier than this one. I will keep looking and post if I find it.
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    Funny stuff. My favorite quotes: "You couldn't get a clue if it were clue mating season and you were standing in a field of clues, smeared clue must on yourself and did the clue mating dance" " I hope you die in a fire"

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    Personally it's a matter of one's choice---I bought the XD9 and have never experienced an "issue" save the first time I used the new mags.It has never given feed nor ejection problems, my only problem is the strength of the recoil spring makes it tougher for me to handle the slide. But that's my issue and not the gun. I was attracted to the Glocks with their years of experience and testing, the XD however is IMHO complete with all the safety features found on a 1911---standard slide safety, grip safety, interlock safety and trigger safety---not available on the Glock as far as I know.If you try to holster with your finger on the trigger regardless of the gun, you will shoot yourself in the leg or foot or both. "Doc"
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    New here!

    I own and carry an XD 40 sub, and never had an issue with it. I think its a preference issue myself. The Glock grip doesn't appeal to me but the XD did and the XD's safety features sold me as well.

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    That was hysterical. The fart about the Hi Points was classic.
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    Too funny and plenty for both sides to laugh about.
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    That was great. Thanks for sharing
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    funniest vid I have seen in a longtime.

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    Now that was a video actually worth watching! Thanks!

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    I liked that. It was quite cool. short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    That was funny. Loved it!

    I shoot from a Weaver stance, so I like the XD grip angle. (Weaver comes naturally because the footwork is identical to kenpo's "neutral" stance)

    Glocks are fine weapons too. Love the attitude in the video!
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