Sig 239 .40 for the 1st time

Sig 239 .40 for the 1st time

This is a discussion on Sig 239 .40 for the 1st time within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Today I shot my 239 for the first time. It was fantastic. The trigger pull is smooth although the DA/SA takes some time to get ...

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Thread: Sig 239 .40 for the 1st time

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    Sig 239 .40 for the 1st time

    Today I shot my 239 for the first time. It was fantastic. The trigger pull is smooth although the DA/SA takes some time to get used to. However, the SA is clean and smooth and the recoil is actually less than I thought it would be. It is easy to shoot and I found it to be very accurate. The simple standard Sig sights are easy to use and natural.

    I had test fired a 229 in the .40 prior to making my purchase. I originally thought that the 229 would make a good weapon and a good choice for CCW. However, once I shot the 229, it was larger, heavier, and bulkier than what I wanted in a CCW weapon. It is a double stack and thus is larger.

    The 239 is a single stack and the magazine holds only 7 rounds. However, it is slightly smaller and of a much slimmer build than the 229. Having now shot both weapons, nothing is sacrificed, other than how many rounds can be carried, with the 239. It is an excellent weapon.

    Today was a confirmation that I made the right choice as far as CCW weapon for me.

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    Glad you like it and it performs well.

    I am a SIG carrier, tho full size, but if I needed something smaller that is one of those I would consider.

    Practice will make the DA first shot seem less awkward - you may find (or have found) that if you draw and double tap, that DA shot will go off a bit - mine usually go a shade high - but overall I don't think that's a major prob'.
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    Glad it was good for you. I have only fired the local range's Sig, but found it to be a good shooter as well.
    IMO sacrificing the extra rounds is well worth having a gun you are comfortable carrying.
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    I used to carry one and I can definitely say that it was a great gun as well. I just cheaped out on buying .40 rounds and changed to 9mm. Never had any problems with it, but I must admit the slide release/decocker/magazine release was hard to use left handed, which is actually why I didn't get a SIG when I changed to 9mm. Still I miss that pistol, it was very balanced in my hand.

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    Exclamation Good Show!

    Quote Originally Posted by cali-da
    Today I shot my 239 for the first time. Today was a confirmation that I made the right choice as far as CCW weapon for me.
    Good for you! Did you by chance get a chance to handle or shoot a Glock M27 prior to buying the Sig? Smaller, has a 9rd standard capacity and will handle HI-CAP M22 & M23 mags. Using the little plastic spacers give these a seamless grip area. For an example see my collection on the thread titled Remington Rand. I have some pics on that thread. One is of the inside door to my closet where my handguns reside. The Glock 27 has a M23 mag inserted with the spacer present. My M27 cost me about $400 NIB.
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    I've got a 239 in 9mm and really like it. Great shooter.

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    Glad you like the Sig Cali, figured ya' would. You've chosen a great firearm as I'm sure you're finding out. I'd considered one myself a few years ago but, unfortunately, the flat front strap doesn't fit me well - love the 229 though. Make a few more trips to the range and you'll soon get use to the DA trigger and the DA/SA transition.

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    I like the 239.

    I've let several people shoot mine that eventually ended up buying one. I ought to get a commision from Sig...

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    I originally considered the 239 in 9mm for my 1st handgun. But I decided to go with a GLOCK 26. My great uncle has the 239 and I've put several hundred rounds through it. I really liked it.

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    I have a 239 in 9mm as a pocket pistol. Ok, I have large pockets. ;0

    I wanted something slimmer than my S&W 296's cylinder for some occasions and just realized after having it for a while I was more comfortable with good sights, decent trigger, and thinner profile. The 296 is saved for special "when only a .44 will do" occasions.
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    I have one,and my wife loves it.
    Mine has two barrels .40/357 sig. scary accurate.
    The point of aim for both barrels just about the same.
    Sig says to get the .357 mags when you use the .357 barrel
    But I have had zero problems using the .40 mags.
    Hope you enjoy your new Sig.

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    I know you will continue to enjoy shooting your P239 as much as I enjoy mine. Down the road you might want to consider the Tritium night sights as they certainly enhance this pistols low light shootability. I believe Crimson Trace is or has brought out their excellent laser grips for the P239 also. Good luck and safe shooting.

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