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Thread: Suggestions for a CC pistol

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    Suggestions for a CC pistol

    My 21st birthday is coming up here fairly soon and I plan to purchase a pistol on or near the day of and sign up for the earliest CHL class date I can get, but there is such a large selection of pistols that it is hard to make a decision.

    I've been really eying 3 pistols lately: the Sig P229, the Jericho 941 mid-size or some form of a 1911 clone (though I have also been taking an interest in CZ pistols lately). All 3 feel absolutely wonderful in my hands, though I have only shot a 1911.

    I'm not dead-set on them, but generally following a certain criteria. I'm looking for a pistol in either .40 or .45 cal, with a minimum magazine capacity of 12 and 10 respectively (though I would be willing to give some leeway with the 1911), full metal frame and slide is a must, capability of night sights, highly ergonomic (to my hands I guess), tested quality and reliability, accurate, balanced, a solid weight, DA/SA action, short/smooth trigger pull (or ability to make adjustments to trigger group) and of a moderate size capable of effective concealing (and handling).

    I'm looking to spend in the ballpark of $400-800.

    I guess it's the description of my own perfect pistol but based off of the 3 I'm already looking at, is there anything else that would compete? I generally don't like the feel of XD's or Glocks, nor how light they are. I definitely don't like the two part trigger of the Glock either.

    Any pistol I've overlooked? (Jericho 941 wasn't even on the radar until I stumbled upon it at a gun show and picked it up, so I never know)


    edit- oh also, I'm 6' 2" and of a medium to muscular build.

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    Since it's your first pistol , don't worry about size too much.
    Smaller and lighter guns take more practice to shoot well.

    I would go with .40 - you can practice more for less money than .45
    and it's become even more widely available than .45 in some areas.

    CZ has several all metal DA/SA models in .40sw

    -SIG , it's What's for Dinner-

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    Sounds like the CZ75 P-06 would fit your needs.

    Here is the testing the CZ75 P-01 went through for NATO certification. The P-01 is the 9mm version of the P-06 (.40 cal). While the P-06 factory mag's are 10 round, MecGar makes a 12 round mag for them.

    CZ-USA -> CZ P-01 gets NATO approval. The next Generation of perfect pistols

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    Granted...Glocks are lighter than most for sure. The "two part trigger" can be cured. Okay...enough about that. Sticking with what you want, and your price range, I'll put my name in the hat for either a Taurus PT1911 or a RIA 1911A1 or some variation thereof. Learning and coming to terms with the basic 1911 in my opinion, should be everyone's foundation (it is solid ground...and I've come to be where I am today because of it even if it doesn't show). It's said we all go back to our beginning in the end, and no matter how far I've strayed, deep down inside I know I'll have one of those basic 1911 pistols again....and it will feel like home when I can't find home. I don't wish the days to come with anticipation, but I do know they are coming. I'll be home soon enough.

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    Good luck, a lot of good choices out there in those two calibers.

    As always, try to shoot as many as possible before making your purchase.
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    Well, it's not necessarily my first pistol, though first one purchased by myself and entirely in my name. I actually own (I guess family really) a Walther P38, Luger P08, Colt 1903 .38, and a M1911A1 (all vintage war models). M1911A1 was the first of the bunch at the age of about 15.

    I'm no pistol expert by any means, but I definitely have experience shooting pistols (and many different weapons).

    As for size and weight, fitting my hand is very important to me, and I very much prefer heavy pistols like the 1911 (they feel so much nicer to shoot to me).

    Thanks for the inputs so far.

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    I agree with Archer, on the CZ P-06, if you plan on carrying it.

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    Get thee to a gun store and shop 'till you drop. Handle all the guns and wait until one starts calling your name, and then buy that Glock.
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