More visible sights for a S&W 442?

More visible sights for a S&W 442?

This is a discussion on More visible sights for a S&W 442? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I posted a week or so about my new revo. Love it! Nice little gun. Just got some Speer Gold Dot 135 +p's for snubbies ...

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    More visible sights for a S&W 442?

    I posted a week or so about my new revo. Love it! Nice little gun. Just got some Speer Gold Dot 135 +p's for snubbies last night and will be trying them out in it this weekend.

    My question - If I start carrying this now that summer is here I'd love to have a better nighttime sight picture. Like I said, it's the 442 so it has the black finish. I've seen sight touch-up paint at the gun store but is this the only option available to me? The front sight does not look to be replaceable.

    Edit: I DO realize that I will not be entering any tournaments with this piece and that if I need to use it for defense I will be close enough to rely on point and shoot but I'd like to have some information on where the round is going other than feel alone.

    Thanks in advance to all responders.

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    I've got a 642 and find the sights a bit difficult to see myself. Other than enamel model paint I don't think there are any "practical" options. They do make for great little carry guns though: IWB, pocket or ankle it goes where my 1911 isn't practical.

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    For $70-100(depends on who you talk to), a smith can dovetail a Trijicon insert into your front blade. IIRC, the unit will fit the J frames, but I know it is made for the N & K frames.

    Alternatively, I use Devcon 2 ton epoxy-dime sized drop-, with about 2 drops of testor's Bright White, for my dot/blade replacements. Tape the sides of the blade with electrical tape, and use a fine model brush, or dab with a toothpick. Tougher'n'heck! testor's by itself dosen't stand up to the rigors of carry. Just be sure to thoroughly degrease, first....

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    I too, have a Smith 442. I purchased my gun used. My gun has been magna-ported , but it also has a tritium front sight installed in it. I'm not a big fan of porting on any guns, but the tritium sight is nice. you should look into have one installed on your gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PapaScout

    Edit: I DO realize that I will not be entering any tournaments with this piece (SNIP)
    Take comfort in knowing that the top shot in my Lethal Force Institute 1 class shot either a 442 or a 642....I don't recall which.....the next two top shots used full-sized HK USP .45 ACP's.
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    Thanks to all who posted.

    Yikes! It's humbling to think that someone with a snub can out shoot someone with a fullsize. I won't shoot enough to ever be that good with the 442 but it's nice to know that IT could - if I could. ;)
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    Crimson Trace grips are also an option. Makes a short barreled revolver mighty handy.

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    I agree that the CT lasergrips are the way to go...
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    I think Hamilton Bowen will soon be marketing a J frame sight.
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    I need to try a dab of epoxy on my 642.
    I just keep repainting the front sight with a bit of orange sight paint.
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