You pick the gun

You pick the gun

This is a discussion on You pick the gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; By way of introduction, I am a former police officer, now an attorney, and I wear a suit every day. Often I go to courts ...

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Thread: You pick the gun

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    You pick the gun

    By way of introduction, I am a former police officer, now an attorney, and I wear a suit every day. Often I go to courts where I have to luck up my piece with the court officers or in my car.

    These are my requirements
    1) 100% reliable
    2) concealble in a pocket holster or perhaps an ankle rig (I take off my coat at work, and can't be seen armed at the water cooler, or even a shoulder holster for that matter!)
    3) sufficient stopping power

    ok, I currently have a Glock 26 which may very well be the perfect choice, also I have a Beretta Model 21 (.22)

    ideally I would love to carry the Beretta, because I love the light weight
    HOWEVER, .22 is obviously not ideal, altough I believe that it would put down the perp (Hinckley ring a bell?), also, the Beretta is picky with ammo, and although I know it likes hot rounds it, it is still prone to jamming

    the Glock is probably a great choice, although it is a little heavy in the pocket

    anyhoo, let's hear what you have to say...

    I am considering perhaps a Model 340PD Revolver (the lightest .357)

    whatta ya'll think?
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    When I have to conceal under difficult conditions, I carry my tiny Seecamp LWS32. Very reliable, very concealable in a pocket, on a ankle or even on a belt...IWB.

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    I am thinking 642/442

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    Oct 2009
    Any of the S&W alloy frame revolvers with shrouded hammer or Ruger LCR.
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    sig 232 in a thunderwear. all day comfort standing or sitting. pretty fast, very secure.
    what bulge? :-)
    dont all lawyers have a big package?

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    I am very happy with my lightweight J Frame... a 340CT.

    Lots of carry options because of it's light weight. I have carried it in an ankle holster, SmartCarry, pocket holster (pictured) and IWB.

    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    I would suggest a revolver (642 or LCR) or a single stack 9MM like a Kahr PM9 or similar...or even a LCP if you are ok going to a 380 ACP.
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    I vote for the Ruger LCP. Easily the handiest piece I own. Accurate too. Shown here with a D.M. Bullard pocket holster.

    Here is is next to a S&W 642

    For comparison, next to a Buckmark dipped in TacSol

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    S&W J frame with .38 specials or Kahr PM9 depending on which would fit your pants the best. Big difference between pocket carry in dress pants versus dockers versus jeans. Go to the store and try them on for size in the cloths you wear most often.

    If neither of these will work, then you may want to consider a .380 like the ruger LCP although I think the .380 is sub-par for SD caliber.

    Same considerations for dress pants that tend to be lighter and more revealing than heavier fabrics. I would think a J frame under suit pants would stick out like a sore thumb and no one wears a cell phone on their ankle.

    If you make good money and don't mind working out picky ammo choices the Roghbourgh (sp?) R9 might be a good choice. Personally I think they're too much money and they are reported to be very picky on ammo. I can't imagine shooting such a small 9mm and I think even a PM9 is going to have quite a bit of muzzle flip.

    Out of the whole bunch I'd probably try to make the 642 work in a pocket holster. I do know the Ruger LCP in .380 will carry in a pocket better because it's flatter and more naturally squared than the buldge of a revo's cylinder.

    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    Any of the S&W alloy frame revolvers with shrouded hammer or Ruger LCR.

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    crossbreed supertuck holster for the 26 might meet your needs,allows your shirt to be tucked in over gun and can be drawn fairly quick if need be
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    IWB tuckable rig. !

    What type law do you practice.?
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    You don't need another gun. You just need a Smartcarry holster, so you can carry your G26. I use this same combo, in a suit, every day.

    I used to pocket carry a PM9. In addition to reliability issues, some suit pants have shallow pockets - with your coat off, the grip could be visible to folks standing behind you.

    Smartcarry is way better, IMHO. Do a search - you'll see.
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    Kahr MK9 in tuckable Comp-Tac holster

    The Kahr MK9 is a very thin gun with short grip and gives you 6+1 rounds of 9mm. I use an appendix carry holster which is IWB and tuckable. It conceals well that way.

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    I'd keep the Glock 26 . I'm in the same boat as you pretty much and am probably going to go with a SmartCarry or maybe a Belly Band, I haven't decided for sure yet.

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