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This is a discussion on glock guns {kaboom} within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here's a pic I found on Glock Talk of a pre 1998 Barrel verses 2009 barrels. The change in chamber support did however come before ...

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Thread: glock guns {kaboom}

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    Here's a pic I found on Glock Talk of a pre 1998 Barrel verses 2009 barrels. The change in chamber support did however come before 2009. My most recent purchase is an early 2008 build date G23 and it has the barrel with increased support. However, my earlier Glocks with less support haven't had any KB issues after thousands of rounds. As someone mentioned earlier all makes can Kaboom. Glocks consume more market share than any other brand so naturally they are placed in the spot light.
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    I wonder which car has the most flat tires ?
    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that it's an ammo problem. If the case is going to rupture, it's going to rupture in any barrel design. This is a non-issue.

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    uhmmmm think so?
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    Maybe you have a point..... must be the ammo, the cops need to stop using reloads...

    Haven Police Ditch Glocks After Two Explode
    The Ledger ^

    Posted on Saturday, July 18, 2009 10:30:23 PM by LouAvul

    WINTER HAVEN | The Police Department is ditching $38,000 worth of guns after two .45-caliber GAP Glock Model 37 pistols exploded in separate training incidents a year a part, causing minor injuries to an officer and a cadet.

    "I've been around 34 years in law enforcement, and we've seen malfunctioning with guns, but never seen it explode," Police Chief Mark LeVine said.

    "When I've got two guns out of 90 mess up, something's wrong."

    The department has not had any problems with the guns during use in the line of duty.

    The force of the explosions came down through the bottom of the guns and blew the triggers off, LeVine said.

    Police Officer Frank Scianimanico, 32, and then-cadet Rodrique Jean-Louis, 20, suffered bruised fingers in the separate incidents.

    As a result, the department will try an all-metal gun as a possible replacement for the plastic Glock during weapons testing Tuesday and March 20.

    LeVine issued a memo Feb. 1 to his officers saying that if anyone was uncomfortable carrying the Glock they could carry a personal weapon instead, as long as the gun meets the department's requirements.

    The department tried to work out a solution with Glock. The gun's Georgia-based manufacturer offered to swap out the nearly 2 1/2-year-old guns if the department paid the company $10,000.

    But LeVine said that is unfair.

    "I personally question if it should cost us anything at all," the chief said.

    A Glock spokesman said the company is aware of the Winter Haven incidents, but hasn't had the opportunity to examine the guns yet.

    "Without looking at the pistol, there's no way for us to make a determination," said Glock spokesman Carlos Guevara.


    The first incident occurred in January 2007 when a Glock exploded while being used by Jean-Louis, a former cadet the department was sponsoring at the Polk Community College Kenneth C. Thompson Institute of Public Safety, which trains prospective police officers.

    Department officials dismissed the incident as the fault of bad ammunition, and so did Glock.

    The second incident, the one involving Scianiamancio, was this January during training at the department's shooting range at the Winter Haven Airport.

    "We had another explode in the same fashion," LeVine said. "We've only got 90 guns, and two failed. It has caused a certain amount of uneasiness."

    The issue seems to be with the gun, which only Glock makes, LeVine said.

    The Polk County Sheriff's Office uses a different Glock, the .40-caliber Model 22 pistol, but there haven't been any incidents with it, said spokeswoman Carrie Rodgers.

    The Sheriff's Office switched last year to the Glocks after using Smith & Wessons. The Glocks cost the agency $350 per gun, compared with $560 for the .45-caliber Smith & Wessons deputies were using.

    "They're easier to fire, more accurate, and they hold more ammunition," Rodgers said.

    Lake Alfred Police Chief Art Bodenheimer said he would never let his officers use a Glock after he saw a video demonstration of one being partially disassembled after being jammed.

    His officers use Smith & Wessons instead, because it is an all-metal gun, compared to the plastic Glock, he said.

    "I'm not a Glock enthusiast," Bodenheimer said.

    The Winter Haven Police Department isn't the only one that has had problem with Glocks. At least two other law enforcement agencies have reported issues.

    elsewhere in u.s.

    Two .45-caliber Glock Model 21 pistols exploded in the hands of two officers at the Portland Police Department, according to a 2004 article in The Oregonian newspaper. That department then switched to 9 mm Glocks.

    In 2006, The Oregonian reported an officer who was injured when his gun exploded filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against Glock and the ammunition manufacturer.

    In Pennsylvania, a training officer with the Upper Darby Township Police Department said his department used to carry the Glock Model 21 before it started jamming.

    The department is now testing a different model of Glock. "We can't get a reason why it keeps happening," he said.

    Guevara said Glock's guns aren't defective, and malfunctioning incidents at other agencies are attributed to ammunition or maintenance of the guns.

    And the fact that the Portland Police Department switched to a different Glock model is an indication of how good Glock guns are, Guevara said.

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    I'm not a big Glock fan, but I'll be the first to admit that they're a heck of a pistol in 9mm. As for larger calibers, which they were not originally designed for... I dont know, that's anybody's guess. If I were to personally own a Glock, it would be an "ol' reliable" G17 or G19.

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    I've put a fair number of rounds through my .40 cal Glock 23 with nary a problem. Shoots just as well and straight as my 19.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert2009 View Post
    please give me your advice if i should buy a glock or not
    I have fired 3,208 .45ACP cartridges and 740 .40 S&W cartridges (all factory FMJs and JHPs) through 3 Glocks with no malfunctions of any kind. So my advice would be "don't let Internet fables deter you from a Glock, if that's the pistol you want".

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    It's a glock you won't have any issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Butch View Post
    I wonder which car has the most flat tires ?
    It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that it's an ammo problem. If the case is going to rupture, it's going to rupture in any barrel design. This is a non-issue.
    Yes, I am no "rocket scientist," but I did sleep in the Holiday Inn Express last night.
    As for the car with most "flat tires" question, my best guess would be Fords, because of the blow out issues with the Firestones tires. So many people got hurt or killed, the tires were recalled. Interesting enough, Ford said the problem were the Firestone tires, and Firestone said the problem were the Fords. Ford changed the name brand tires and never has another problem with blow outs...some similarity here, maybe...?

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    Glock 36 Kaboom

    About two years ago I had a G36 that exploded.
    At the time, I had put over 8000 rounds through it.
    I was shooting FACTORY Loads....Hornady .45 ACP 230g +P rounds
    when the pistol kaboomed.

    Imagine placing both hands spread out on pavement and someone hits them as hard as they can with a baseball bat. Thats what it felt like!

    The range owner contacted both Glock and Hornady. Glock requested that he send what was left of G36 to Hornady first.

    Hornady acknowledged that the ammo was overcharged, and paid the price for a new pistol.

    I think I may have contributed some to the KB. I used to practice with Hornady +P defensive loads, and had fired over 4000 +P rounds prior to KB. It may have weakened the firing chamber some.

    Guess what I bought with the money? A new Glock 36!
    Now, I practice with normal factory loads. (I sometimes carry +P loads for defense only).

    Here is a pic of G36 that KB'd:

    Notice in picture that the firearm is "jammed" in battery position. Also note the "split" in the firing chamber. (The chamber literally split open from blast).
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    Though I'm kinda sure the OP's gone--

    Last year roughly around August, shooting WOLF (never buy and shoot this ammo in your pistol) ammo through my G23 (.40) I experienced a kaboom!

    I was fine, but we couldn't find the top of the barrel anywhere and the gun was out of commission.

    But, Glock and Wolf got together and got me a new G23, so all's well that ends well. I fault the craptastic ammo I was shooting out of it and I'm sticking to WWB or other USA factory ammo from here on out!
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    All these blown up Glocks make me want to go shoot mine! Seriously, glad no one was too seriously injured.
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    I've noticed the .357 is fully supported. I've never handled another Glock barrel though to see these unsupported calibers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert2009 View Post
    i am wondering if any of u every had a kaboom in your glock ?
    i have read many articles on the internet about kbs and glock guns scare me.
    did glock fix the barrel issue on these guns ?
    i want to buy a glock 29 and i just dont want it to blow up in my hand

    please give me your advise if i should buy a glock or not

    I'd sure love to know what anti-Glock numbskull keeps circulating this stuff. It's almost as bad as the constantly circulating Blair Holt Ammo Accountability Act (that was DOA, so remember that!).

    Glock hasn't had any known serious issues for YEARS, except one. I've owned a G30 and tossed 10,000 rounds through it in just 6 months. I tortured a G17 and a G23 and still had no problems with them.

    The main "known" issue is with the .40 cal Glocks (22 and 23). When these are fired with a tactical light mounted to the frame rail, the frame does not properly flex and can result in jams. This was discovered by several Law Enforcement agencies across the Nation. Watching the mounted and unmounted firing of a .40 cal Glock illustrates the difference in frame flexation with and without a light. Once the problem starts, it tends to continue to worsen. Note: this is not a problem for the .40 cal's until it starts, then and only then is the mounted light a problem and light removal only corrects it for a short period of time, then it starts again but without the light mounted.

    I had heard of a Glock coming apart in Georgia years ago on an indoor range, but it was due to crappy Wolf ammo purchased from the internet. 1st round lodged in the barrel and you can guess what the 2nd round did. Not the fault of Glock or the design of their product.

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