glock guns {kaboom}

glock guns {kaboom}

This is a discussion on glock guns {kaboom} within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i am wondering if any of u every had a kaboom in your glock ? i have read many articles on the internet about kbs ...

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    glock guns {kaboom}

    i am wondering if any of u every had a kaboom in your glock ?
    i have read many articles on the internet about kbs and glock guns scare me.
    did glock fix the barrel issue on these guns ?
    i want to buy a glock 29 and i just dont want it to blow up in my hand

    please give me your advise if i should buy a glock or not

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    I've had a Glock 27 since 1997 and have fire thousands of rounds through it. Never had ANY issue with it. Not everything you read on the internet is true.

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    I have carried and used Glocks since 1985, including reloads. No problems yet.

    But then again I don't run my handloads to the max and I use factory ammo for SD

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    I've never had a KB with any gun, the glocks that seemed to have a problem were the 40 calibres but if you are that afraid,they make aftermarket barrels with supported chambers,also the 40 is a high pressure round,and I've shot some Border Patrol issue stuff that seemed hotter than any stuff I bought off the shelf
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    Bought my first Glock in 1988, never had a problem...
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    using factory ammo you have no reason to expect your Glock to do anything other than operate as designed. The chamber is "unsupported" and that is part of what makes Glocks to reliable. I think there are better platforms out there, but do own a Glock myself - in fact i want another one. if it is what you like, then go for it.
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    Other brands of pistols have had KBs as well. Just visit the I've had one KB out of all my Glocks past or present, and it was a case failure on factory reloaded ammo in the 9mm in my G17 maybe eight years ago. Burned my index finger a bit, and blew the magazine out. I still have that G17, and I put a couple hundred rounds on some steel today, just like I do every month. Just get a Glock and feed it new factory ammo.
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    Glock rules

    YUp, Glock rocks. THere might be better, but they are also more complex, more expensive and just as probable to fail. Glock kicks!

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    NO reloads, and NO unjacketed lead bullets. NO problems.

    Amazing what happens when you read and heed the manual...

    Several thousand rounds through my G19, hundreds through my G26. No such issues.
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    Glocks, the world's most dependable gun.
    Get one, you won't be sorry.
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    What isn't told is the comparison scale. Adding up military, police and civilian ownership around the world the amount of Glocks out there is staggering! Because of the mass numbers it may seem Glocks have problems but talk to career gunsmiths and ask how many 1911's and Smith revolvers they have seen KB and/or mechanical problems verses Glock. ALL makes have failures for many reasons and as noted in the previous post most are traced back to operator errors but on a balanced comparison scale Glock is mighty good.

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    Its been my finding that malfunctions are usually owner fault. As in not taking care of or visually inspecting the firearm. They need maintenance just like an automobile. You should oil them check operation etc. I would think If you take care of and inspect your firearm you shouldn't have problems.

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    I agree with jem102 - the large population of Glocks in service provides greater exposure to failure, so the number of failures are going to be larger than for makes that do not have the market penetration of Glock. From what I've been able to surmise, KB's are quite rare. Use jacketed projectiles and stay within SAAMI pressure limits and you'll be fine.

    Does anyone have a source for credible failure data on Glocks and other brands? I'm sure the manufacturers do, but they are probably not willing to share this info with the shooting community.

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    I have had 3 Glocks as duty weapons throughout my LE career. 19, 17, and not the 23. No problems.

    There is not "fix" that Glock needs to do to their barrels. Just use new factory ammo and it'll be just fine.
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    From 2001-2004 I had a G19, and I put about 5k rounds a year through it and never had one issue, no KB, no jams, no misfeeds, it was 100% reliable. I did take care of it, cleaned and lubed it after nearly every time shooting it. I would shoot a box or 2 a week at the range, and a few times a year we would go to my inlaws and I would shoot a as much as I could.
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