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This is a discussion on First Gun Decision within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; whoops....not sure how that happened but the top of my last post got stripped off. Here's the original beginning to it: @gasmitty Any recommendations on ...

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Thread: First Gun Decision

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    whoops....not sure how that happened but the top of my last post got stripped off. Here's the original beginning to it:


    Any recommendations on what specific ammo I should buy that can be the "serious hollowpoints" for defense and what I should get just for shooting at th range? I'm working on tracking down a location that has the P30, I figure someone has to be within a couple hour drive. I certainly hear you on the value of a consistent trigger pull, which why I was hoping to "have my cake and eat it too" with the P30S providing DA/SA AND a manual safety.


    I had bumped into the GunVaults in my searching but the idea of relying solely on a fingerprint reader worries me in regards to speed of access. Also I've heard some electronic safes can be noisey when they unlatch. Since you have one usmc do you notice any problems getting it to recognize your fingerprint? Heck on my ThinkPad laptop I have a fingerprint reader and occasionally have to rescan...but booting my laptop isn't exactly a time critical event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snappca View Post


    I was planning on just taking the basic gun safety course at my local gunshop, I figure it'll look better getting my CCW permit than my DD214 from the Navy :) Apparently some NRA instructor comes in once a month for that one. But I'm also interested in finding out if there are particular courses I should look into. Part of this entry into the gun world is out of an interest to replace my motorcycle hobby and become familiar with a useful tool at the same time.

    Look into Blackwater (now US Training Center), Gunsite and Front Sight courses. PDT's "The test" should be on your list also.

    Look into the Safepacker's Packerbacker, if you think the shoulder strap is not for you and you preffer the fanny pack carry style.
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    Hi Snappca,

    I'm an HK and P30 (L) owner, so I'll chime in. I've got a couple of P2000SK's and a P30L. All of them are HK variant 3s. That means DA/SA with a decocker.

    Safeties for carrying with the hammer on a chambered round are as follows:

    1) Firing pin safety. The trigger must be pulled to raise a mechanical interlock before the firing pin will move forward. You can easily figure this out by playing with the mechanism while the pistol is field stripped and try to push the firing pin forward.

    2) The first DA trigger pull is longer and harder than following SA pulls. In my opinion, it takes a very deliberate act to fire the first shot. After that the SA pulls are much lighter and every once in a while, the "surprise" break is much more of a surprise than usual. :-)

    3) Decocker, will lower the hammer without firing. Since the trigger is not back, the firing pin interlock is engaged. This allows safe carry with a chambered round.

    4) Get a good molded holster that fully covers the trigger.

    5) Don't pull the trigger unless you intend to shoot something.

    Honestly, an external safety doesn't make sense to me on DA/SA pistols that can be decocked. I understand the need for LE carry gun though since a lot of depts think it's a good idea for semi autos. Makes absolute sense to me for SA only guns like 1911's or BHPs.

    There is a great amount of debate about the "best" ammo, but honestly any modern JHP will do.

    Plaxico was an idiot. The gun didn't "just go off" somewhere along the way, he pulled the trigger without intending to. Probably trying to stop it from falling out of his pants. See item 4 above.

    Yes, I think a P30 would be a good "only gun" if I didn't want to ever carry concealed. IMO, it's a bit too large for that, but then a lot of people carry much bigger stuff than I would.

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    since you mentioned hiking


    Mine is black, they look really cool in green though. That color wasn't avail when I got mine.
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    I see you have sig on your list, so I would have to recomend the p229 in 40s&w with DA/SA Larger cal for animals yet concelable, there are many choices. Get what feels good in your hands and you shoot the best, providing you can try it out before you buy. If not go to a range that rents, it's worth it. Good luck with owning just one gun. Many have said this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jca1 View Post
    I'm with itschuck and pir8te on this one. One would have to be a wheel gun in .357

    I'm in this camp also.^^^^^^^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by RA229 View Post
    Good luck with owning just one gun. Many have said this.
    Yup, I know I said that when I got my Glock. Just too freakin cool to have one, not even considering that I'm single. I imagine the OP's wife will start hanging on to the new addition or will start thinking about one for herself........

    The more the merrier, enjoy your search for your perfect camping/hiking/personal defense firearm!
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    Start with 1 gun, just 1...then ad 12 more! Start with a 357 or a Glock or a 1911.....or....or...
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    Sorry this took so long.....
    Here is the website I promised.....fully convertable holster sytem. Would like a better "gun holster" like a kydex, BUT if your handy, it's an easy fix! Plus the cpl who own the biz are super nice!!

    Leather & Nylon Holster - The One Holster That Does It All!

    Westwoods Landing offers a 30 day unconditional guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason we will refund your money or replace your product if it is returned to us within 30 day of receiving the product.

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    look at this

    92FS, 9 mm
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails First Gun Decision-j92f300m_s.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by snappca View Post
    To be clear, I only intend to own ONE gun.
    Good luck with that.

    When I bought my G23, I thought one was enough.

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    My H&K P7 PSP, extra magazine, cash, and ID conceals well in JandD's Micro Fanny II fanny pack.

    A P7 with a fully loaded magazine is heavy at around 3 pounds, but it's a dependable, accurate pistol with an excellent trigger and a simple safety system.

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    Based on everything you wrote in the first post, I believe the perfect gun for you is a CZ P-07. You might be surprised how much it handles, feels and shoots like a H&K at half the cost. I would recommend two - a his/hers for the "only one gun". The Omega trigger system gives you some options not possible with the P30. The only other gun's I'd consider would be a XDm or Ruger SR9. The two most accurate and reliable guns I own are a P-07 and USPC-40.
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    Wow! One gun..........a revolver would still be the best choice. 357 mag all the way. But lets be realistic, one gun is not very likely. If you truly desire only one gun then you probably won't be interested enough to handle a auto loader and all its complex parts. If the glock you shot didn't fit well in your hand then most double stack auto loaders will likely still be too large, even glocks are not very comfortable anyway If you still want to go with an auto loader I would recommend a single stack like a Sig p239 or a 1911. I am 6 ft 3 and I still prefer a 1911 to anything else.

    Good luck. Whatever you decide get to know it very well.

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    You can't go wrong with Glock as a first gun.
    The first rule to safely handling any fire arm, as put so colorfully by someone in a previous post "Keep your booger hook off the bang switch"
    Wish I could remember what thread that was in, makes my inner 8 year old giggle every time I think of it.
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