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Judge 45Colt/410 or Bull Dog 44SP

This is a discussion on Judge 45Colt/410 or Bull Dog 44SP within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would go with the Bulldog for sure, I am just not convinced with the really usefulness of a 410 out of a handgun…....

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Thread: Judge 45Colt/410 or Bull Dog 44SP

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    I would go with the Bulldog for sure, I am just not convinced with the really usefulness of a 410 out of a handgun….
    "I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!" - Dorothy Parker

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    The Box O' Truth #41 - The Taurus Judge Vs. The Box O' Truth - Page 1

    some sort of evidence as to why not to choose a judge for HD. Its not super scientific but better than just an opinion

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    Quote Leon Harrison: "If you have to shoot somebody, don't use an ugly gun." E.G., "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the defendant chose to use 'THE JUDGE' against that/this poor innocent young misled man, who had planned to marry the mother of his child/ren and stop being wild, and was going to get a job and go to church before he was murdered/hurt."

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    Quote Originally Posted by searcher 45 View Post
    Is the Judge 45colt/410 or the Bull Dog 44SP a better all around handgun?

    My planned use for firearms would be; 1. House defense 2. CC carry 3. Range gun 4. Back up while hunting wild hogs 5. Hedge against possible future gun laws. note Number 5. is mostly a after thought, but could become a real problem.

    Which of the two firearms is the best value?

    Which is the most effective in intended roles listed above?

    Which ammo is more effect 45colt or 44SP?

    Is the 410 Defense round made for the Judge effective?

    Can you find speed loader for them?

    Looking for good info from folks that carry and use these weapons.

    Thank you for your help!!!!!!1
    I have three of the old style 44 bulldogs. I like them.
    I also have the Judge.

    1. Home defence; The 44 spcl round or the 45 long colt are both very good rounds. The difference in them is negligible in the real world.
    I know that we can throw numbers around all day but 5 rounds of 45 colt com will do the job. Like others have said I'm not sold on 410 for home defence.

    2. CC carry; The 44's I have are much easier to conceal then the Judge due to the cylinder length to accomodate the shot shells. That being said the judge is no heavier then my 1911 Government 45.

    3. Range gun. I have always held that my 44s' are to be carried alot and shot a little. That is the way I feel about the judge as well. Don't buy either one with the thought that you can shoot them like a 22. They won't hold up.

    4. Back up for hunting; 44 or 45 will do well in that respect. Thais is the area the judge shines. Squirrels or rabbits, the 410 does well. Something heavier go to 45.

    5. Hedge aginst gun laws; Either one in my opinion.

    I use my judge for a farm gun. Rats, snakes, squirrels, rabbits. But at night loaded with 45 colt I have no doubt if called upon it will do the job. If a man could have just one pistol, the judge could come in handy.
    We will be much better off when we learn to deal with things as they really are, instead of how we wish them to be!

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    I really really like the Charter Bull Dog best but when I found one in a large gun store near here they had no 44SP ammo. It is hard to buy a weapon that ammo is a problem before you even put down your money.

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    Bull Dog hands down!!
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I have the "Original" 3" stainless steel model. It is superb! My Mrs. uses her 2006-vintage for a "nightstand revolver." I carry my revolver regularly, and shoot it now and then to "keep a hand in it." It works VERY well.

    Buy the Bulldog. You won't regret it.

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    Between the two, another vote for the Bulldog, hands down.

    As stated above, the difference between .44spl and .45C are negligible. I'm also with the group that thinks the Judge is a novelty pistol...just don't see the .410, buckshot or other, being a great performer out of a 4" barrel. And I don't like the freebore that .45c bullet is going to have, rattling down the cylinder before it hits the forcing cone...
    There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.--RAH

    ...man fights with his mind; the weapons are incidental.--Jeff Cooper

    There is a reason they try and make small bullets act like big bullets--Glockmann10mm

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